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Yep,all work done by me


Favorite art,favorite styles,the work of other artists I appreciate their effort and creative minds to make such unique,yet,amazing piece of art they created.


Transyre: Bridget Florgrey by ScytheVale
Transyre: Bridget Florgrey
Fore :icontransyre:

Name: Bridget Florgrey
Species: Human
Age: 20 (Appears 16)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 108 lb
Birthday: August 3
Occupation: Library

Intelligence: 8/20 [Average]
Wisdom: 7/20 [Average]
Resolve: 9/20 [Average]
Magic: 10/20 [Average]
Charisma: 10/ 20 [Average]
Dexterity: 5/20 [Okay]
Influence: (7)/20 [Average]
Strength: 4/20 [Bad]
Presence: 2/20  [Bad]

Books, flowers, animals, hugs, cuddles, making new friends, laughing, playing, teasing, pranking, learning, sweet food, being loved, attention in a good way, flowers, video games such as Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, anime, manga, drawing, her doll

Bullies, breaking or losing her glasses, being called a nerd or geek, sour food, scary dark places, losing people who means a lot to her, losing her doll, people abusing her doll,

Team Partners: Fluke
Weapons: None

Personal Information:
-She has light green eyes.
-Blames herself for her Maverick's death.
-Her doll carries magical properties that is locked away;
does contain a rose quartz and amethyst with herbs for
protection and good luck.
-Her bible is blessed by a priest and it was handed down to her
by her father that was passed down through generations. It was also
used used for exorcisms.
-Silver Cross.
-Her family is known for exorcising evil spirits and cleansing homes

1. Stealth. Due to her being short and unnoticeable, Bridget can easily disappear undetected.
2. She is very resourceful, creative and a problem solver, Knowledgeable, observer: With these combinations she can use these attributes to get by obstacles.
3. Team player. She will do push aside her dislikes for an individual to have the task done
4. Intuition. She trusts her gut feeling without the need of conscious reasoning. Usually she is right when an inner voice tells her otherwise.
5. Nimble. Bridget is swift with her hands and feet, making it easier for her to steal and run away. But she have to make a good distance to get out of view, resting to regain her stamina before breaking into a run again.
6. Good memory and quick reader.

1. Clumsy! She sometimes doesn't watch where she is going when she gets distracted.
2. Can get distracted by the opposite sex when coming to contact, flattering and looking at them
3. Can easily panic and makes assumption, sometimes clouding her thinking
4. Heartbreak. If she gets emotionally hurt, Bridget will break down and may not function as well; difficult to think, sleep and eat.
5. Nearsighted. She unable to see things clearly unless it is close.
6. Physically Weak

POWERS/WEAPONS: So far has no weapons, not sure if her cross, bible and doll counts.

Bridget is a kind, sweet girl who is quiet in large crowds of people, always keeping to her own business and observing her surroundings; watching and learning. Deep down inside she likes getting attention when someone takes notice of her, Bridget can easily be forgotten or looked pass by others as if she was a ghost. She can be awkward and a goofball when she encounters an individual alone. After getting use to the person she'll open up more, becoming attached once she gets to know him/her. Bridget is very loyal to her friends and will put herself in harms way to protect them. The girl has a huge heart that is also very frail like glass.  Once she loves someone she'll hold onto them dearly, showing them more affection. . Bridget may be an oddball but deep down inside she can be an intelligent warrior with a heart of gold.

Since she was a young girl, Bridget always was known to be strange and introvert one in school. The students there wouldn't take notice of her presence, making her more withdrawn in the background. She was a little scared to approach anyone, afraid that they'll mistreat her and think of her as an idiot. Bridget resorted to the library where it felt comforting to be amongst books where it felt safe. Her parents were concern for their daughter who had no friends, accept for her pet dog and cat at home. They tried to introduce her to new people at occasions such as parties, dances, dinners and community service. Bridget still didn't gain a friend from participating through the advents. She remain with her books learning and studying.

Everyday it was the usual routine for Bridget to accept her fate being alone, but deep down inside she wanted to be close to someone. At least one person. One person to make her feel like she is not missing something. She wants to exist, to be loved, to be noticed. Bridget wants to share adventures and have fun with her friend. Whoever that friend may be.

One day in high school Bridget was in the library studying for her exams, a senior student, Maverick, had introduced himself and he broken her concentration. When her eyes looked up at him, she fell back from her chair  in panic to see that he was very handsome. The poor girl stuttered as she apologized as she backed herself against the bookshelf.  After they had a conversation they grew close as if Bridget had placed a spell to get him to be drawn to her. She had a particular personality that seem to pull him towards her. The more he spend time with Bridget, the more he falls in love with her. Maverick had made her a special doll with herbs and a charm embedded inside for good luck and protection. Eventually they became a couple after Bridget had finished grade 10 in her school year. Their happiness didn't last long when Maverick died from getting hit by a truck.  He was walking Bridget to the restaurant when a drunk driver had drove pass the red light. As the vehicle was drawing closer towards them, Maverick had pushed Bridget out of the way in time before it hit him. Maverick did not had the chance to tell her his secret. He was a paranormal and he was waiting for his chance to tell Bridget what he truly was. Now dying, he left a portion of his power inside her doll until she is ready to unlock it when it is time.

His death had crippled Bridge into becoming depressed for months until she had the strength to move on. Deep down inside she still had a wound that refuses to heal. The doll he gave her was the only object that means so much to her; it may hold sad memories but it also brought her happiness. Bridget always had it strapped to her belt to help her feel not alone.

A year later Bridget was talked into going to the forest when a group of girls had told her about the strange occurrence there. She wasn't sure at first if it was a good idea to go there, let alone that these people had taken notice of her presence. When Bridget had found out they were bringing an Ouija board, she brought along a bible in case these fools summon a devil. On a quiet path she walked along lost in thought, thinking about her dead boyfriend as she wonders if she could possibly contact his spirit. Then she realized the road had lead her to a strange part of the forest. Her surroundings appeared eerie and dark, it caused chills to prickle up her spine. Bridget turned to leave the area to only find out that the path was gone. In her panic she didn't know what to do. She called for help. No answer. She was alone in a dark, creepy forest where she might die there from exposure and starvation-unless a wild beast gets to her first. Eventually she did meet up with Fluke and became instant companions before arriving to town.



This is section is for other members after you're accepted. We won't be judging you based on this section.

CHATROOM AVAILABILITY: Might drop by whenever I can, perhaps Friday-Sunday if I am not busy

IM AVAILABILITY: I am mostly available on skype, but I can try to answer the notes the best I can whenever I get on DA..

SKYPE NAME: (Send me a note and please dont give out my address to anyone that I don't know.)
ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: I can do script or Paragraph



Yes/No -- bold the option you choose. Bolding 'Y(es)' means you allow that thing to happen to your character, while bolding 'N(o)' means you don't. These things happen randomly or depending on how your OC reacts in an event. There is no guarantee these things will happen if you bold 'Y(es)', it's simply saying you allow it.





Warning: Please don't claim my character or my art work as your own. If you want to draw Cain,make sure to come ask me first for my permission.

Bridget Florgrey belongs to me :iconscythevale:

Kyrran's Reference by ScytheVale
Kyrran's Reference
For :icononce-dead-oct:

Name: Kyrran Clover Serpentine

Age: 22
Height: 6'5
Weight: 245 pounds
Race: Half Bldrinker/human
Species of Bldrinker: Jewel-Tailed


1.He can make the jewels on his tail glow and create flashes of light that can blind his enemies or be used to see in the dark. Kyrran will need a break after using his flash attack three times will keep him from using it again for 10-30 minutes depending how powerful the flash is. 

2. Kyrran can make his body (clothes included) blend into the background to hide from his enemies and predators. It can last as long as he doesn't lose his concentration. If he is covered with paint or is bleeding it will make it difficult for him to stay undected.

3.If he gets beaten too severely his body will start to give off floral scented powder that causes drowsiness and fatigue. Its ability won't work on beings who don't require sleep or too far away from the powder reaching them. 

4. The point of his tail has a stinger that contains venom. The area around the stab wound may redden and turn dark blue. Within a few hours of the sting-and sometimes in as little as 13 minutes the victim develope symptoms. Most commonly, you will experience cramping in the arms, legs, abdomen, back and chest area. These muscles will also be slightly rigid. The other symptoms are headaches, chills, sweating, nausea and weakness. The venom may not work on beings with high immunity, with healing abilities and antidotes. Kyrran can only use his venomous sting only three times, after use he will have to wait for 1-4 hours depending how much he use. 

5.His body is quite tough but it will cave in eventually if  he receives too much abuse. If he was a full blooded bldrinker he would be a lot stronger and more studier. 

6. When he drinks water and baths in sunlight it will help him replenish his energy, sooth his pain and slowly mend his injuries. 

7. Kyrran can manupulate nature such as trees, flowers, moss, mushrooms and weeds. This tree hugger can help seeds and plants grow bigger and much more stronger with his magic. He can also communicate with trees, animals, spirits and demons. His arms can turn into woody vines to be used as a whip and grabbing hold on other objects-though, he will not use it unless necessary. Breaking, snapping and cutting it will cause him pain. Kyrran will still have his arms if injury is inflicted on his vines. 

8.  He can use a simple spell to hide his other form in a disguise of a human- which reduces his durability and strength. 

9.  Kyrran can slightly manipulate blood to stop wounds from bleeding out for twenty minutes depending on his conditions it can last until half an hour.

Immunity to seduction spells, mind control/reader and temptation manipulators.



1. Using fire on his plants will reduces his chances of controlling them in battle. Kyrran is more vulnerable being surrounded by flames that can cause him serious damage. 

2. Freezing cold temperatures (-40 below and higher) will be devastating for him to tolerate it. Kyrran will begin to move much slower, causing his muscles to become rigid and cramp up. Breathing in the cold air will make it a little difficult for him to breath. 

3. Being placed in the dark will stop  his self-healing abilities if he is not exposed in the sun. 

4. Can't see in the dark

5. Pulling out the gems from his tails causes him great pain and will prevent him from producing light. Once they're removed there will be heavy bleeding. The injury will soon stop when the gems regenerates in the empty sockets withing 1-5 depending on Kyrran's health.

Fighting Style: 
A character who is skilled in using firearms, weapons, hand-to-hand combat. He can land a powerful strike with kicks, punches and a whipe of his heavy tail. 

Sharp eyes, acute sense of smell, has good accuracy, can perform acrobatics, can fly,quick reflexes. Pick-pocketing, hacking computers,  making potions, taking care of plants, plant knowledge. skilled with a gun and blade. Kyrran is a little weaker in his human form, but hen he becomes a bldrinker his strength and durability heightens. He also has a high pain tolerance. Tends to read other people and his surroundings to prepare himself for whatever outcome. Kyrran also has a good memory remembering almost EVERYTHING. 

Weapons and Belongings:
He has his sniper rifle hidden in a small pocket in space in a dimension where he stores it. Kyrran can use his magic to summon his weapon through a symbol that acts like a portal. He carries a swiss army knife, picture of his girlfriend, combat blade, jeep, jar of seeds and small bottles of potions. He also cherishes his comfy jacket that keeps him nice and warm. 
Personality: Kyrran is a charming young man who is selfless, caring, sweet and patient. He can be very stubborn to the point where he refuses to change his mind once it is been made. When he has a mission he is very determine to achieve it. Kyrran can be a little aggressive when someone hits his last nerve that will not end well.  He tends to hide his injuries and illness from his friends to try not worry about him. 

Bio: With a complete Story Kyrran was more than happy to be coming out of the black box to achieve his mission.  His goal is to help Walker get his friend back into his life with a full story, but he wants to see his girlfriend again to tell her how much he loved her before returning back to the black box. If he changed his fate in the story will have a huge impact on the plot. Kyrran's past started out with a good life until he went into the army when he was forteen. For a long time protecting his home country from its neighboring enemy, he was added to a mission to help Alexion to steal the princess from her kingdom. Kyrran didn't understand it at first until he was told she was being held in as a sacrifice. After saving her they became friends and something much more. Later on he died from his injuries after returning the princess back home to her haven. From there, the story continues on without him. 

Flying,sports,cold,Viper,cute things,relaxing under the shade of trees,running,collecting gems,reading books about gems,hanging out in the forest,and sleeping.

Creeps,weirdos,annoying girls,dogs,onions,the colour pink, fire, the cold, slugs,getting the feathers pulled from his wings,people trying to take the jewels out of his tail,getting hit for no reason,tail pulled,ears pulled,just don't pulling anything on him! He hate's that!

Additional Information: 
-His tail can be used as a powerful ingredient that can make
powerful potions and magic. Kyrran is grateful that he is capable
of growing his tail back.

-His right eye was injured from an explosion on the battlefield. 

-Kyrran is a rare species of bldrinkers with green eyes, also known
to have a higher resistance of becoming a demon if infected by its

-Even as a hybrid he still needs blood to keep himself healthy and it prevents
him from fatigue. 

- Kyrran has his raven black wings tucked away from view. He can summon them
when he needs them for flying. 

- His species don't like to  get along with beings such as sirens, vampires,  harpies, incubus, succubus and other beings who has similar powers. Half of him wants to slaughter Walker but he knows he have to tolerate his stench. 

((P.S Please don't kill my characters))

Reminder: ((You may not use,replicate,manipulate or modify this image. And you are not allowed to steal my character or use him. 

If anyone is interested in drawing my ocs,please contact me to get my permission first. 

:new:  (This is for the pre-round))…


1.If he gets beaten too severely his body will start to give off floral scented powder that causes drowsiness and fatigue. Its ability won't work on beings who don't require sleep or too far away from the powder reaching them.  ((Removed from his application)

2. Kyrran can slightly manipulate blood to stop wounds from bleeding out for twenty minutes depending on his conditions it can last until half an hour. (Removed from his application)

(Page 2) Memories: 
3. He forgets about his mission to keep Walker alive and help him get  back into his life with a full developed story. This will make him dangerous towards Walker because he hates incubuses and vampires. He'll show some discrimination if Walker starts being a pain in the ass towards him. It is possible for Kyrran to snap his own partner's neck if he poses a threat. 

4. He forgets about his girlfriend; Viper. He will feel as if something is missing a piece of him. Kyrran will most likely be more quieter, depressed and his heart will grow cold and bitter. But he'll still keep a smile on his face except inside he is hurting more. 

5. UPDATED ((Round 1)):new: Kyrran had collected his page and got his patience back. Now he has more tolerance putting up with other people's issues without snapping and will not be eager to strike first or rush.  :new:
Anachrons: Ventroa City by ScytheVale
Anachrons: Ventroa City
:icontypewriter-aplz: :icontypewriter-nplz: :icontypewriter-aplz:  :icontypewriter-cplz:  :icontypewriter-hplz:  :icontypewriter-rplz:  :icontypewriter-oplz:  :icontypewriter-nplz:  :icontypewriter-splz: 


Map: Island of Chron
Ventroa City: The one and only metropolis, often is considered the heart of the country even when it is the hardest to reach due to having to go through regulations of Cy Dye city. Once in some never come out, saying its paradise and its the best place to live in.

Prepare Yourselves!

Hi everyone! I know the special advent is taking some time to get started and I am sorry about that. It will be up and running once it is more organized to avoid issues in the rp. Keep your heads up in case there is an announcement when the games begin in the group!

If you haven't read the journal that was recently posted in Anachrons, I would advise you to go check it out. There is a prop that can help you  gain more points from participating in the activity.

For: :iconanachrons:

ArtWork: Ventroa City is made by :iconscythevale:
The picture is made up of two parts of a city and was edited with a program.

((P.S No stealing!))

July 25, 2015

Nightmare Academy Teacher:Trace by ScytheVale
Nightmare Academy Teacher:Trace
Character for :icono0nightmareacademy0o:

Name: Trace

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'1

Weight: 130 pounds

Chosen Class: Art Teacher
Bio: Trace was a guardian angel who use to be selected and assigned to a human to protect. He did a good job watching over them and guiding them to the right path,sometimes he would make a couple of mistakes but he made sure he doesn't do it again.

When he got assigned to Kate;from the day she was born,Trace grew attached to her right away seeing how special she was. He can see it in her. As she grew up in a small town in England her life was tough,but she always tried to stay happy even when things goes wrong. The girl just simply wants to look past the bad and hope that the worse drifts by. She was caring,kind and polite. Trace could tell that she wouldn't let anything make her bitter,except she carries a few bad traits but no one is perfect,right?

As the years went on,the girl grew to become a strong women who lived independently on her own in a little apartment. All this time Trace craved for her attention,he would sometimes appear in a disguise of a human but he only got a short moment to talk to her. It was making him feel like a ghost being there to protect someone who can't see you. But on the other hand,he was also happy just being in her presence.

But...It didn't last long...

On the night of December 1st,1999.
Kate was coming home after visiting her friend late at night after the party. When she decided to take a shortcut down the street it only lead her to trouble. Trace didn't like what was happening,soon as she got close to her own avenue a group of people stopped her in her tracks.  It started off with small talk,then it moved to them surrounded her,next it lead her in a wooded area not far from her home. Kate was struggling to fight against them but five against one was too much for her. Bruised,bloody and beaten her life was ended by multiple stab wounds by the hand of a twenty-five year old male.

It all happened so fast. Anger blinded the guardian angel,he appeared from behind the group to slay all of them. Blood fly in the air along with their primal screams,then there was silence. "Why...why does the good have to suffer from evil..?" he asked,looking up at the night sky. "Why...?"

Then darkness is all he can see. Trace was now falling into the black abyss where he could feel his wings ripping itself up as he falls from grace. While he was laying in the snow unconscious,a demon crawled out of the shadows and plucked out his eyes for his collection. This was all a set up to knock a angel down to become a fallen,take a part of them for a prize and move to the next target. Trace was now crossed out in his list.

When Trace woke up he wandered the land,blind,confused and unable to recall his memories. He didn't know what year or time it was because he was so lost and unable to find help. His sight wasn't all gone,he can see faded images depending how loud the noise is will make the picture more clearer. Still,deep down he knows he's missing pieces of him. Trace didn't know what to do with himself without having a purpose. His guardianship is gone,he lost his eyes,Kate died,he got nothing.

 Standing alone in the cold he could hear a voice talking to him,telling him that there's a job opening in Nightmare Academy. Knowing his skills and knowledge of creation was one of his skills he can use as a art teacher,Trace accepted the offer and went off to the academy to have a purpose of teaching others.

NA Story :new:
When school was closed for some time, Trace still remain as a lone teacher who barely interacted with other students and coworkers-accept for Ceil and Saika. He'll be attending the academy again to see what falls on his path in his career of teaching arts and crafts. He is now a single father raising his daughter after the turn of events.

Personality: Trace is a quiet guy who will talk when he feels like it,he rather listen to others and hear them out. He may come off shady,creepy and a little frightening when you first meet him. But the longer you stay with him the more you get to know that he's a nice guy. Trace may sometimes get mischievous and deceptive depending on the situation and what mood he's in. The fallen angel lacks some emotions which explains why he asks what it feels like to be scared,to feel love and all that. He is rather mellow and sulky,other times,he'll be standing there emotionless. It is difficult to read what he is thinking and especially how he's feeling. Trace prefer to keep most of himself hidden in secret from others,if you're lucky enough to get close to him he'll be more open. And he can bold,rash,cheeky and even over protective of others he cares about. But be warned,never anger Trace unless you want to see his true wrath of destruction.On the other hand,it takes a lot to piss off this guy.

Likes: Art,writing,listening to people's life stories,helping,snow,reading books,discovering things about people,learning,blood,studying other creatures,roses.

Dislikes:Getting his stitches pulled on his wings,someone jabbing their finger into his empty eye sockets,getting hit in the chest cavity,very loud noises,being called Lucifer,his pale complexion,good people getting harmed by the wicked,injustice,killing,getting mad,seeing someone's artwork getting stolen or destroyed.


1. Trace can summon dark and light blue flames that he can conjure up with a lot of concentration. Strangely enough,the fire isn't even hot but extremely cold. It can cause serious frost bites if the victim stays in the blue flames for too long. The blue fire  can weaken and burn away magic if it touches it. It can be used for knocking objects away and can also be used to shield himself from attacks.
If the magic is far greater than his fire,it can overcome it if the flame isn't big enough to engulf the magic or have enough power.

2.  Trace follows his instincts on his ability to detect lies from those who is trying to be deceiving. Illusions, words of lies, false writings and gossips can easily be recognized.

3. He can use holy light and purification but it also sting him. Trace does not trust these two abilities because they are unpredictable and may explode if he is not careful. He may use a combination with these traits to fuse with his blue flames in battle, but this is a risk for him receiving damage. Trace can bless the area for protection to keep evil entities and spirits from entering the sot where he put up a barrier.

4. When he is depressed or sad it will trigger another ability of his to manifest a rainstorm to cover the area until he is feeling better or it goes away on its own. It does now happen too often but it is possible for the ability to activate if he does not keep track of it.

1..Trace is capable of relying on smell and sound to help him see white lining images in his mind(sort of similar to Dare Devil). It will be blurry and faded if the noise isn't loud enough for him to  hear,if it it's loud it will become more clearer for him to see.  When it comes to working as a art teacher,every week he have to find a pair of eyes to help him see colour,sadly,the eyes will burn away after three days.

2. He's very agile and can easily move around as if he doesn't weigh anything at all. Trace is also capable of gliding in the air but he can't fly with his ripped wings. Capable of jumping 13 feet and squeezing through tight spaces. He's sort of sturdy but his strength isn't too great unless he's angered, he'll become more stronger and be able to throw a car and bend metal,but it won't last long because of his short fuse.

3.The only strongest part of his body would be his tail,it can easily lift up a 200 pound person. It can be used as a whip to inflict injury to his enemy,choke,knock them away and also be used for wrapping around pols,people,ect.

Being quiet and stealthy makes it hard for him to see if he can't hear. Hitting him in the chest and his upper back will put him in a lot of pain,also will stun him for a short time. Very high pitch noises and strong smells can mess up with his vision.In his surroundings,Trace can get a little confused what is happening around him if there's way too much loud noises. Don't forget that he is blind and will walk himself into walls,trees,people or right off the cliff.He hates it when his stitches starts ripping off his wings,it makes him feel very uncomfortable and it hurts him a lot. He can be crushed,cut,stabbed,can get overpowered by raw strength and can easily get thrown around,so he tries to avoid close range combat. If someone was telling him a half true story,he is still detect that the other half is a lie,but it doesn't mean he actually knows exact truth. Sometimes he can't dodge flying objects that makes less sound can hit him. Trace is still not use to having a physical body, which leaves him to forget to eat, drink and sleep. He also will work himself to the ground.

Mentality: He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and sometimes anxiety may occur

Additional Information:

-Without his eyes he's a lot weaker. When he finds them,he swears that he'll take revenge on the thief and slay him once he gets them back.

-He doesn't like fighting but he will if he have to.

-He keeps a jar of spare eyes inside his desk.

-He got a tail that he keeps hidden in his shirt

-Hitting his back will stun him for a moment,so try not to punch his back it hurts him a lot.

-He wears sun glasses

(Yes! I updated my fallen angel! ;;W;; He was a lot easier to update than Cameo but at least I have it done! >W< ))
Trace/Cameo belongs to me :iconscythevale:
Saika/Ceil belongs to :iconrobotoucan:
NA: Cameo by ScytheVale
NA: Cameo
Dorm: Sapphire
Name: Cameo
Age: 18
Weight:167 lb
Height: 5'5''
Species: Familiar

Four chosen classes:
Dark magic
Hand to hand combat…

Cameo's Male…


Cameo had made a pact with a witch who soon after fell victim of being accused for using dark magic and sacrificing children that went missing from the village. After she lost her partner, the familiar traveled where the wind takes her to avoid being captured by her hunters. She has a fine for using illegal possessing her witch companion and bringing bad luck to unfortunate souls who come across her. She kept herself hidden in a disguise of a male and called herself Salem whenever she goes out at night.

Latest NA Arc Story:

When she attended Nightmare Academy, Cameo was already ill from her inner shadows disturbing her health and powers to become unstable. It was slowly killing her until one day, it became too much for the poor familiar to keep it under control. She ran wild into the woods on the school grounds, destroying the forest in her path with her destructive powers. The students and  teachers made an attempt to subdue Cameo. Dark was stabbed in the chest by a cursed oak  but survived the fatal injury from Saika touching the shadow demon blade, mixing their blood together (which changed him into another being). The teacher rescued Valen and her from the darkness that engulfed them. The vessel Cameo had once possessed had got up and walked away from the scene. Little did she know, her dead companion's body had disappeared for good.

While school was out, Cameo went away to train on her travels to try become a stronger so she can protect her friends. On her  18th birthday, the familiar's tail split into two extra tails and grew a pair of horns. She was shocked of her sudden change, making Cameo a little insecure about her developing body. Three days later she discovered she contain a new power to manifest spiritual flames. It is strong but Cameo has a difficult time trying to control this ability.


Personality: Cameo is a kind girl with a bite to her attitude...she can be forgiving but she does carry aggression around others that are hot headed. Cameo is a big chicken when she sees rats and spiders that will make her panic,she had a bad experience with them when she was growing up when she was a kid. Like any other cat she hates dogs for multiple reasons,but she will accept them if they don't attack her or help her in a situation. When Came changes into a male she puts on a mask making herself mysterious,cheeky and cool to make it harder for some people to recognizer her. If you become close to Cameo she would become more protective and loyal if you prove yourself to be a good friend,she might even let you know about her secret. If someone does find out that she can change genders she'll be weary and might do drastic measures to prevent someone from spilling out rumors,unless you keep it a secret she'll hold respect for you and become more friendlier in her male form to the person. If you do happen to give her a hard time she will pay you back for every little thing you did to her. It may not be now but it will happen later when the time is right.

Powers/ Abilities:

Spiritual Flames:
 Cameo's flames will also serve her as a shield against none physical beings such as ghosts and demons for example. The spiritual flames can be dangerous to them if she sees them as a threat. It does not do any damage against normal objects like chairs, tables, floors, clothes,ect. Cameo can use it as an empowerment to increase her strength, agility and spiritual energy. If a physical being touched the flames he/she/ it will feel a cool sensation. Since this power is new to Cameo, it is going to be a little difficult for her to control it.

Shadow magic:
On her travels Cameo practice using her magic and got tips from people she met on her trip. She learned how to create. shape and create darkness and shadow. Cameo can also make creatures out of her shadow magic depending on how much energy she has. Sometimes her creations will have a mind of their own with their own conscious if she fuses her spiritual flames with it. Her shadows still hold the ability to cause misfortunes, but at least Cameo has a better control over them.

With her magical touch Cameo can enchant/give magical abilities to objects and people with physical contact. She is still figuring out how to improve this ability, making her have a limit of spell casting such as headache and fear. Cameo is also willing to learn new magic from the academy to try improve her magic.

Strength: At night or in darkness Cameo's shadow much works much stronger than it was in the light. The feline is very stealthy, agile and can pack a powerful punch.

Weakness: Cameo's shadows can't cause misfortunes to other people when she's near a good luck charm. Getting hit in the head will make it hard for her to use her enchantment. The smell of sage will make Cameo's eyes tear up and burn,making it harder for her to smell anything for about a hour or two depending how exposed she is to the smoke.  If Cameo happen to hear someone prayers will prevent her shadow from causing bad luck to anyone which will last for a days or two. In her feline form she is more weaker but it can also help her spy on other people(this goes for both genders). When she is under sunlight Cameo will move 50% slower and it reduces her self healing ability by 68%. She can't handle taking powerful hits that will easily knock her flying and cause her to cripple/get stun for a moment.

-Learning new ways how to enchant items
-Getting scratched behind he ears
-The taste of blood when she's male
-People who are kind to her(she'll repay the favor)
-Being with her friends
-Finding new ways how to use her magic
-Finding new ways how to be creative using her shadow magic.
-Reading books
-Flowers,especially roses
-Having fun
-Being accepted
-Finding new friends


-Seeing her friends getting bullied
-Feeling worthless
-Getting her ears and tail pulled
-Her bad luck working against her
-Her shadowy magic causing bad luck to others when she doesn't mean to cause them misfortunes.
-Getting her hair pulled
-Her enchantment not working
-Remembering her friend's death
-She doesn't like people seeing her scar ( :new: she doesn't have a scar anymore after she was free from possessing
her companion's vessel)
-People telling her secret about her male form
-Being called kitty or any other feline related words
-Losing her bell
-Someone stealing her bell
-doesn't like the taste of blood when she's female

Additional info

-immune to her own poison
-The green strips on her tail are actually rings
-Her own shadow jinx can bring bad luck to others and sometimes including herself(she even gets the worse of it).
-she can control dark shadows from her body to do things for her.
-Her eyes seem to attract people's attention because they seem to be luminous
-Her ear twitches when she gets annoyed.
-Her sharp claws aren't poisonous.

-She blames herself if something bad happens to someone when she's around.
-Her eyes light up green when she's charging up her powers,
-Friday the 13th is the day when her shadow will cause more misfortunes than usual,but she keeps her master's bell with her for good luck which lowers her bad luck.
-Cameo is still able to make a contract with anyone but she prefer not to because she still misses her master dearly. It will take a lot to make Cameo to become your familiar if you prove yourself worthy.

-She have trouble trying to hide her energy that can be too intense sometimes depending how long she tries to hold it in which makes her a bit grumpy when she's not feeling well.

More information about……

Relationship: Valen (owned by :iconasorra-tatsumi:
Saika belongs to :iconrobotoucan:
Dark belongs to :iconsquishyleviathan:

((Oh my God, can't believe I was late updating her ref! Dx)
Yes, I am still alive surviving the new change to my path of becoming homeless for now. I do have a place to stay for temporary until I have everything set up before moving to my new home. It was insane how I end up running away from the bs back at my old community I once called home. There was too much violence, gossip and parties there. It was for the best that I leave the place before it got worse. 

The next day after I left I had......some trouble. Big trouble. Like, unnecessary drama that the police had to get involved in. So........I am still going through a lot of paperwork trying to haul ss to get a new place. I'm close to getting it but there is still a lot that needs to be done. 

I would tell more but a lot of it is confidential since this site is....very social. Lol
Right now I have to try manage time for Once Dead. Like, I hate it when I fail getting my work done...especially without putting up a good fight. In 9 Circles I haven't heard of an update yet so I have no idea what happen to it. Had my entry completed before the deadline. o__o;; And I hope the judges are not having too much trouble in life. 

Anyways, I should be heading off before I get kicked out of the building for using their internet. Wish me luck everyone. 


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