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Yep,all work done by me


Favorite art,favorite styles,the work of other artists I appreciate their effort and creative minds to make such unique,yet,amazing piece of art they created.


Walker's Ref by ScytheVale
Walker's Ref
For :icononce-dead-oct:

Name: Walker Blaemore

Age: 23 (Looks 18)

Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)

Height: 5'6


Enhanced bite: 
Walker has powerful jaw muscles and sharp teeth. When he bites someone his saliva will start to dull the victim's pain and it will make the experience feel more pleasurable. He is able to eat normal food but he can't go without blood or else he'll start to suffer from blood lust. His throat will feel dry,irritated and will start to burn to the point where it cramps up. Then Walker will start to lose his mind until he satify his thirst. It's the only thing that can help him recover from his wounds within minutes and regenerate missing limbs that will take him about an hour.

Prehensile tail: 
 Yes,he got a tail. He can use it to aid balance,can hold objects and weapons,can assist in climbing and can retract into the body. If his tail gets pulled out or cut off it will regenerate within minutes.

Sharp retractable claws: He can project and retract razor sharp claws.

Subliminal Seduction:
 Always having to wear gloves and being well dressed to keep others from physically touching your skin is a pain. When someone touches him they'll feel a pleasurable and comforting tingling sensation. After the person had made contact with him they'll desire to touch him and feel that experience again,it will last for about four days until the need wears off. His pheromones can increase and rub off on other people if Walker stays with them too long, but it will disappear after an hour or two if its not washed off with water. 

That seductive voice: 
Walker got a handsome voice that doesn't take him much to attract and lure people in. It annoys him when he talks he can see them turning their gaze at his direction. When Walker does use this ability he'll put on a charming mask to reach whatever purpose or goal. 

Gender Change: Yes, he can change his gender to a female. Walker will not use this unless he is weak from not drinking blood and consumes red life fluids from the same sex will change him into a female. 

Healing Saliva: Surpringingly, his saliva is not only feels good but it can heal poisons, venom and injuries. Walker can be this drooly monster with gallons of spit that can do miracles.

Drinking Blood:
When he consumes blood it will help provide him energy and it will slowly heal him from his injuries. There is a 10% of him containing a power or defense from the person/creature he drank blood from but it will last for only ten minutes. 

Since he got both his and his brother's weakness,he's very vulnerable.

All thanks to fusing with his brother as an embryo and becoming a chimera, he's weak against the sunlight. Right away he won't be able to see much due to his sensitive eyes, after a hour he'll get a headache and in two hours he'll start to suffer from a fever. And when he reached to his last limits he'll  collapse.

Another of his brother's side..whenever he touches water it stings his skin and it also makes him feel a little irritable. The longer he stays in the water the more frail he'll become. 

All thanks to his bro's side,he's also weak against silver. He just can't touch that type of metal of he'll get a nasty sting. He can't get cut or pierced by or else he'll experience a agonizing pain and it makes it hard for him to heal from it. 

Another of his siblings weakness. He can't stand the smell of garlic because it makes his noise stuffy and it can give him a asthma attack if he inhales any of the dry powder substance. He can't eat it or it will start making him upchucking it. 

His Tail:
Cutting,hitting,smashing his tail will indeed put him in great pain which will almost make him go unconscious how sensitive it is.

More Info: He doesn't believe in himself of having incredible strength and agility. Walker always think of himself as a weak and pathetic individual. He lacks skills such as not knowing how to cook,draw, paint, drive a vehicle, do house chores and using a gun. He can't see colours except for red and blue. He can see different shades of grey, black and white.  Walker is still learning how to control his powers and trying to understand it better. He doesn't know when his strength and speed will heighten or reduces. 

Fighting Style:

Walker is not a great fighter and has lack of confidence in his skills. He does know some kick boxing thanks to his deleted friend, Arcadia, teaching him how to defend himself. And his acrobatics skills are rusty.  He doesn't like fighting and will try to avoid it unless he has a reason to defend himself or someone else.

Tolerating with the incubus curse,Walker has boosted strength,speed and enhance durability. He is very flexible and can squeeze through tight spaces. Also a light weight, can see in the dark. If Walker gets badly hurt or thirsting for blood he'll blank out and become a vicious monster with boosted strength and ability. Sometimes he doesn't need to thirst or suffer to gain the boost. It can happen randomly, usually anger, fear and other intense emotions may trigger it. His eyes will turn red and appear more catlike. When he does return to his conscious he will not remember what happen after. 

Weapons and Belongings:
The clothes on his back and a lighter!


Personality: Can sometimes be cold ,distant, bratty, irritable and mouthy. But it's not his fault living a life with a split curse. He prefer people sees him as a normal person and who doesn't try to be touchy with him.  Walker is kind,caring guy who is also a good person to have as a friend. He's very brave and won't tolerate anyone's bullshit,if you don't like what he says then don't mess with him.  He can be a real tease and loves to express his softer side to others who are very close to him. Walker can be very sensitive and shy about his incubus curse. He'll suffer from panic attacks if he gets crowed by people and may break down from embarrassment and back flashes. 

UPDATE (Round 2): After going through hard times in this round he learned to be nicer, a little patient and is more self-aware of his attitude after be in the Woods of Death with Alphirra. Walker will try his best to be a better person so he can try at least get along with others. He is a lot more energetic, mischievous and a real cheeky bastard.


His mother was a very attractive women and she was sweet,caring and also frail. When she got pregnant from..well,a unknown man she didn't expected her twins to merge to become one person;a chimera. Little did she know that one child got the vampire curse while the other got the incubus curse,once they fused together they share each others strength and weaknesses. 

When his mom gave birth she nearly died from the blood loss but she survived. She realized her baby boy was born with a prehensile tail with a black cross on his left cheek. She didn't care for the abnormality her son had,she loved him and she took great care of the boy. Walker was lucky to have a parent who cared about him so much. His life was easy until she passed away,that's where he had to move out and live with his uncle in his own manor when he was eight. While he stayed there Walker lived under strict rules. He hardly went outside because of his looks,they attracted unwanted attention and even got a women to faint. One time he bit someone for blood had caused the public to go into a uproar and put that in media.  That is why he must always remain inside the walls of the manor to stay away from the outside world. 

When a young girl who was about his age came sneaking into the garden to play,he never expected to meet someone with so many wings. Her hair was messy and her eyes was so blue it reminded him of sapphires.  They exchange names,talked,became friends and learned more about each others. The girl he just met,Arcadia,he called her 
Torrmaigh which means thunder spirit in irish. 

They use to come out into the garden to tell each others stories and sometimes he would leave the garden to see places. The more he left his property,the more he started to look out for Arcadia. She was his only friend and the only person that his uncle allow to see him,knowing that they're both different.

Then that all changed when Arcadia's father had passed away. He found out when his uncle came to his room and told him that Arcadia won't be seeing him anymore. It brought him in shock and he wanted more answers but he didn't get any. As days passed by he grew anxious and worried about his friend,so he started tracking her down and figured out where she went. Walker got his things and went where his friend had gone;the Cirque Du Mirage.

:new: This was all part of an rp group that died last year. Walker felt alone and angry after finding out Arcadia was erased from his past and a part of his histoy got wiped out. Now he has no relation to the rp group and is not part of his friend's story anymore.  Now he is afraid of getting close to anyone because he hates losing people he cares about. Much as he tries to avoid them he'll always grow attached to them deep down in his tender heart. He wants Arcadia back in his life with a full story that is well developed. Now he's stuck with a strange creature who calls himself Kyrran, who has a full developed story and allies which made him jealous. Walker doesn't know about his partner's secret why he was here in Once Dead OCT.

-Blood,especially human blood
-The colour blue and red
-Getting his shoulders rubbed
-Honest people
-Playing his guitar/violin

-People liking him for his looks.
-Touchy people
-Clingy people
-People who wants to have sex with him
-His blood lust
-bright lights
-Flirty people
-Getting touched
-Being crowded
-Hurting his tail
-Anyone trying to force him into a relationship.

Additional Information:
-All thanks to his brother's parts,he got his blue eye and the odd blond patch in his hair belongs to  him.
-Feline like eyes:
 He cat dilate and constrict his pupils to make them look like a feline. Sometimes when he's  growing thirsty for blood or when he's angry his eyes turns red. He can see well at night but his eyes are sensitive to the light which will blind him for a good ten minutes.
- He is born with a black cross on the right side of his cheek that also belongs to his twin

-Certain parts of his body will receive more damage from water and sunlight due to having pieces of his sibling. 

- He tries his best to control his incubus power back to prevent himself from drawing too much attentions. But when he does decide to make use of his ability it is very powerful and will raise his charisma and charm. It may help him manipulate people. P.S If a character has a powerful will or any defenses against his seduction, it will have not  much affect or none at all. 

-His incubus curse can cause him to release a large amount of pheromones which makes it harder for him to control. It is difficult for him to predict when he is season, but he has an iron will that keeps him chasing after people. The symptoms will make Walker a little irritable, tired, blushing, body temperature rising and his pheromones is more potent. He may appear more scruffier and rough. This will last for a day or two depending if he is taking care of himself.

- He is good at playing his guitar, violin, singing and is also a graceful dancer. 

-He doesn't like Kyrran and will cause him some trouble. But he is willing to learn how to control and understand his powers better. 

((P.S Please don't kill my characters))

Reminder: ((You may not use,replicate,manipulate or modify this image. And you are not allowed to steal my character or use him. 

If anyone is interested in drawing my ocs,please contact me to get my permission first. 


((This is for the Pre-round))…


1. Sharp retractable claws UPDATED (Round 2):  He can project and retract razor sharp claws that are sharp enough to cut through metal and can also help him climb up walls and ceiling. Walker also contain feline ears that can appear on his head whenever he feels scared, feisty, happy, or he summons them himself.

2.Gender Change UPDATED ((Round 2)) :new; : Yes, he can change his gender to a female. Walker will not use this unless he is weak from not drinking blood and consumes red life fluids from the same sex will change him into a female. Sometimes his bite will change the other person's gender if he bites him/her, depending if he figures out how to do it.


3. Arcadia. He'll only remember his isolation and being the most lonely man in the mansion with no allies. This will make him more bitter, cold and distant. 

4. He forgets who Kyrran is when they first met at the black box. 
This is going to be interesting because he will not remember Kyrran at all. This will freak Walker out, waking up in a strange house in a very strange place. 

5. UPDATE ((Round 1)) :new: Kyrran had received his page and edited it to make Walker more politer and returned his courage back. The young man will not get scared that easily and is willing to make a stand. :new:

Character Owner:
Alphirra belongs to :iconperfectshadow06:
Kyrran's Reference by ScytheVale
Kyrran's Reference
For :icononce-dead-oct:

Name: Kyrran Clover Serpentine

Age: 22
Height: 6'5
Weight: 245 pounds
Race: Half Bldrinker/human
Species of Bldrinker: Jewel-Tailed


1.He can make the jewels on his tail glow and create flashes of light that can blind his enemies or be used to see in the dark. Kyrran will need a break after using his flash attack three times will keep him from using it again for 10-30 minutes depending how powerful the flash is. 

2. Kyrran can make his body (clothes included) blend into the background to hide from his enemies and predators. It can last as long as he doesn't lose his concentration. If he is covered with paint or is bleeding it will make it difficult for him to stay undected.

3.If he gets beaten too severely his body will start to give off floral scented powder that causes drowsiness and fatigue. Its ability won't work on beings who don't require sleep or too far away from the powder reaching them. 

4. The point of his tail has a stinger that contains venom. The area around the stab wound may redden and turn dark blue. Within a few hours of the sting-and sometimes in as little as 13 minutes the victim develope symptoms. Most commonly, you will experience cramping in the arms, legs, abdomen, back and chest area. These muscles will also be slightly rigid. The other symptoms are headaches, chills, sweating, nausea and weakness. The venom may not work on beings with high immunity, with healing abilities and antidotes. Kyrran can only use his venomous sting only three times, after use he will have to wait for 1-4 hours depending how much he use. 

5.His body is quite tough but it will cave in eventually if  he receives too much abuse. If he was a full blooded bldrinker he would be a lot stronger and more studier. 

6. When he drinks water and baths in sunlight it will help him replenish his energy, sooth his pain and slowly mend his injuries. 

7. Kyrran can manupulate nature such as trees, flowers, moss, mushrooms and weeds. This tree hugger can help seeds and plants grow bigger and much more stronger with his magic. He can also communicate with trees, animals, spirits and demons. His arms can turn into woody vines to be used as a whip and grabbing hold on other objects-though, he will not use it unless necessary. Breaking, snapping and cutting it will cause him pain. Kyrran will still have his arms if injury is inflicted on his vines. 

8.  He can use a simple spell to hide his other form in a disguise of a human- which reduces his durability and strength. 

9.  Kyrran can slightly manipulate blood to stop wounds from bleeding out for twenty minutes depending on his conditions it can last until half an hour.

Immunity to seduction spells, mind control/reader and temptation manipulators.



1. Using fire on his plants will reduces his chances of controlling them in battle. Kyrran is more vulnerable being surrounded by flames that can cause him serious damage. 

2. Freezing cold temperatures (-40 below and higher) will be devastating for him to tolerate it. Kyrran will begin to move much slower, causing his muscles to become rigid and cramp up. Breathing in the cold air will make it a little difficult for him to breath. 

3. Being placed in the dark will stop  his self-healing abilities if he is not exposed in the sun. 

4. Can't see in the dark

5. Pulling out the gems from his tails causes him great pain and will prevent him from producing light. Once they're removed there will be heavy bleeding. The injury will soon stop when the gems regenerates in the empty sockets withing 1-5 depending on Kyrran's health.

Fighting Style: 
A character who is skilled in using firearms, weapons, hand-to-hand combat. He can land a powerful strike with kicks, punches and a whipe of his heavy tail. 

Sharp eyes, acute sense of smell, has good accuracy, can perform acrobatics, can fly,quick reflexes. Pick-pocketing, hacking computers,  making potions, taking care of plants, plant knowledge. skilled with a gun and blade. Kyrran is a little weaker in his human form, but hen he becomes a bldrinker his strength and durability heightens. He also has a high pain tolerance. Tends to read other people and his surroundings to prepare himself for whatever outcome. Kyrran also has a good memory remembering almost EVERYTHING. 

Weapons and Belongings:
He has his sniper rifle hidden in a small pocket in space in a dimension where he stores it. Kyrran can use his magic to summon his weapon through a symbol that acts like a portal. He carries a swiss army knife, picture of his girlfriend, combat blade, jeep, jar of seeds and small bottles of potions. He also cherishes his comfy jacket that keeps him nice and warm. 
Personality: Kyrran is a charming young man who is selfless, caring, sweet and patient. He can be very stubborn to the point where he refuses to change his mind once it is been made. When he has a mission he is very determine to achieve it. Kyrran can be a little aggressive when someone hits his last nerve that will not end well.  He tends to hide his injuries and illness from his friends to try not worry about him. 

Bio: With a complete Story Kyrran was more than happy to be coming out of the black box to achieve his mission.  His goal is to help Walker get his friend back into his life with a full story, but he wants to see his girlfriend again to tell her how much he loved her before returning back to the black box. If he changed his fate in the story will have a huge impact on the plot. Kyrran's past started out with a good life until he went into the army when he was forteen. For a long time protecting his home country from its neighboring enemy, he was added to a mission to help Alexion to steal the princess from her kingdom. Kyrran didn't understand it at first until he was told she was being held in as a sacrifice. After saving her they became friends and something much more. Later on he died from his injuries after returning the princess back home to her haven. From there, the story continues on without him. 

Flying,sports,cold,Viper,cute things,relaxing under the shade of trees,running,collecting gems,reading books about gems,hanging out in the forest,and sleeping.

Creeps,weirdos,annoying girls,dogs,onions,the colour pink, fire, the cold, slugs,getting the feathers pulled from his wings,people trying to take the jewels out of his tail,getting hit for no reason,tail pulled,ears pulled,just don't pulling anything on him! He hate's that!

Additional Information: 
-His tail can be used as a powerful ingredient that can make
powerful potions and magic. Kyrran is grateful that he is capable
of growing his tail back.

-His right eye was injured from an explosion on the battlefield. 

-Kyrran is a rare species of bldrinkers with green eyes, also known
to have a higher resistance of becoming a demon if infected by its

-Even as a hybrid he still needs blood to keep himself healthy and it prevents
him from fatigue. 

- Kyrran has his raven black wings tucked away from view. He can summon them
when he needs them for flying. 

- His species don't like to  get along with beings such as sirens, vampires,  harpies, incubus, succubus and other beings who has similar powers. Half of him wants to slaughter Walker but he knows he have to tolerate his stench. 

((P.S Please don't kill my characters))

Reminder: ((You may not use,replicate,manipulate or modify this image. And you are not allowed to steal my character or use him. 

If anyone is interested in drawing my ocs,please contact me to get my permission first. 

:new:  (This is for the pre-round))…


1. UPDATED ((Round 2)) :new: If he gets beaten too severely his body will start to give off floral scented powder that causes drowsiness and fatigue. Its ability won't work on beings who don't require sleep or too far away from the powder reaching them. 
((Nothing changes here))

2. Kyrran can slightly manipulate blood to stop wounds from bleeding out for twenty minutes depending on his conditions it can last until half an hour. (Removed from his application)

(Page 2) Memories: 
3. He forgets about his mission to keep Walker alive and help him get  back into his life with a full developed story. This will make him dangerous towards Walker because he hates incubuses and vampires. He'll show some discrimination if Walker starts being a pain in the ass towards him. It is possible for Kyrran to snap his own partner's neck if he poses a threat. 

4. UPDATED)) :new: He forgets about his girlfriend; Viper. He will feel as if something is missing a piece of him. Kyrran will most likely be more quieter, depressed and his heart will grow cold and bitter. But he'll still keep a smile on his face except inside he is hurting more.
((He's a lot more of a happier man remembering his sweetheart, strengthening his  heart and giving him a reason to fight harder to try  win in the tournament to meet her and change his story))

5. UPDATED ((Round 1)):new: Kyrran had collected his page and got his patience back. Now he has more tolerance putting up with other people's issues without snapping and will not be eager to strike first or rush.  :new:

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Once Dead OCT:
Chapter 2: Love Bites and Heart Burn
By ScytheVale/Jo.S
Part 4

They arrived back at town just before 11:56 p.m. Kyrran was too exhausted to continue driving after dropping off Mordecai and Nevemore back to their house before leaving Spencer by the cafeteria. He wanted to go there for a cup of hot coffee - or meet someone special.
There was one last person to take home; Arc Inkline. He was sitting in the passenger side. He held the gas mask in his hands, staring at it since they left the grassy field near the Woods of Death. Kyrran can put up another fifteen minutes being awake. If the doodle wasn't with him, he would have slept in the jeep for an hour before going back to searching for their companions.
The chill air was fresh and sweet as they went down the dark neighborhood. Some houses they passed had their lights on was greeting them warmly. Fireflies gleefully danced around the streetlamps, also welcoming their arrival as they draw closer to Arc's home.
    "Don't worry, I'll try my best to find Alphirra," Kyrran said.
    "But....I want to help find her too," said Arc, looking worried.
As the jeep turn off onto the driveway beside a small house and parked it.
    Kyrran grinned at him. "Hey, it's better that you stay here in case she comes back. And if I do so happen to go missing in the Woods of Death, you can go and get help."
    "Okay, I will," he said, putting on his gas mask and the lens glowed green. "Make sure you stay safe Mr. Kyrran!" He gives a thumbs up.
"Of course I will," Kyrran assured him.
    "Thanks you Kyrran, you're the best!" said Arc, getting out of the car and runs to his front porch. He turns and waved before he goes inside his house, shutting the door behind him and the lights turned on.
Kyrran felt his smile went in a grim line, knowing he'll have to into the woods to track down Walker and Alphirra. Exhaustion, hunger, thirst and his injuries are beginning to slow him down, but he wasn't going to give in any time soon until he finds them. It was his stubborn attitude that keeps him moving, but it can also be his greatest downfall.
In the review mirror Kyrran can see Jon walking up the driveway, and he rolled down his window to see what the man want.
    "Look like you had one hell of a day," he said, reaching into his jacket and pulled out two papers. "Here, take it. This is for all the trouble."
    Kyrran takes the pages and points at it as he turns to Jon, raising his eyebrow with a questioning stare. "What is this for?"
    Jon sighed. "You both manage to win this round." He walks back to the street without saying another word. It left Kyrran to wonder how they won. As his eyes fell on the pages, he notice his name on the paper that has a photograph of a beautiful chimera girl from his dream.
 Kyrran , the writing said, Memories of Viper.
He knows its her because he remember every detail after he woke up. In the picture it showed her sitting in a field picking daisies. When he began to read through his page, the letters illuminated in emerald green and vanished as they brought back his memories. A powerful, warm sensation exhilarate deep inside of his strong heart. Then an anguishing viel held him tight in its grasp, causing him to shed a single tear.
    "How could I have forgotten about you," he said, covering his good eye. "You were my baby. My beautiful flower....Viper, how could I forget?"
She was his girlfriend. His delicate flower he protected to his very last breath to keep her safe. The memories of her was enough to make Kyrran more determine to win the tournament and rewrite his story. Just to see her one more time.
In his hand he still held on Walker's pages. Letters handwritten in metallic pink it said,"Sharp Retractable Claws" and the other said "Gender Change."
The other page belongs to him was "Sleeping Floral Powder" that explains if he gets beaten enough he'll become powdery like a moth that will put his opponent asleep or make him or her drowsy.
Kyrran narrowed his eyes and began editing it for his companion's sake to get back to town. Hopefully with Alphirra, because he doesn't want to see the doodle sad if his friend doesn't return.

Walker had stopped by the edge of a cliff that stood next to a raging waterfall, frantically scanning the area for an escape route. There was a huge, moss-covered log pinned between the cliffs that lead to the other side. Hundreds of feet below there was a rapid river splashing wildly with jagged rocks poking out of the water like knives. The trees behind him snapped and trees are coming down crashing from the Spider. It wasn't a good time for him to be think twice about crossing. He had to do it.  The spider burst through the trees, causing splinter of wood to explode as it comes crawling to the edge of the cliff. Walker dashed across the fallen log. But before he could reach the other side, the arachnid jumped and blocked him. Its legs thumped on the wooden floor, causing the log to crack under its weight. Its blood shot eye blazed through the mist as it advance on him. In a far distance he thought he heard a voice calling his name, but the blare of the waterfall muffled his hearing. Backing away from the approaching monster, he heard the voice again, but it was much closer this time.
  "Walker! Walker where are you!? Speak to me!"
It was Alphirra calling for him. He can see a golden glow on the other side of the cliff behind the giant spider. The light flickered behind the trees, moving frantically, it was defiantly the phoenix searching for him. And she was drawing closer, shouting his name and her wings fluttering in panic.
"Alphirra! Don't come here!" he yelled. "It's not safe!"
    "No! I can't leave you behind! Just let me help you so we both can leave the woods!"
    "Alphirra! Listen to me!" He flinched when he heard the log cracked. His sky and ocean blue eyes turned down, which was big mistake because it made him light-headed. At the bottom it was death. There was a river squiggled in a wavy line with jagged rocks poking out of the angry water. Walker looked back at the spider as it raise its front legs to snatch him. A bead of sweat rolled down his temple, mind racing and his heart throbbing hard, he predicted the log will not support him and the spider for long. There was another ugly crack. His shoulder squared, staring at the creature sharply as he continue to step away from it. Then he came to a halt when a electrical sensation sparked within him. It was strange but it felt wonderful, and he wasn't sure how to embrace it. He didn't realize a part of him had changed until he saw his reflection on the spider's yellow eye. There was a pair of feline ears sitting on top of  his head. Not ordinary human ears. It was cat ears! Walker was scared and confused, but those feelings faded quickly as he sense another change. The nails on his fingers became longer and much sharper like claws! It was difficult for him to contain his cloak to keep his true identity a secret when his body began to change as his feminine, teenage appearance disappear. Walker Blakemore, twenty-three years old, still appeared youthful but mature, and much taller. With broad shoulders, golden wavy blonde hair and hint of brunette on part of his bangs, he looked like a handsome man who should be modeling for clothing and magazines.
The spider was thrust its front legs to grab the incuvamp and paused when the log snaps in half with a loud crack. For a moment it felt like hours to Walker when he gave her one more look before he falls.
The phoenix pulled her wings in tight and dived down between the crevice as she draws closer for Walker. Being so close to the waterfall was making her nervous, but she focused on saving Walker and getting out of the woods together. She winced every now and then when water droplets hit her and turn to steam. The arachnid, who had hit the rugged side of the cliff, let out a shriek as it comes falling head first towards the jagged rocks in the river. A string of white silk shoot out from its spinnerets. The end of the string cling on the rocky wall, causing the Spider to come to a stop, bouncing a few times like it was tied to a bungee jumping cord. Then it climbs along the side, retreating inside a large hole on the cliff where it hides.
    Alphirra changed her form into a masked women, dark hair whipping wildly like streamers, she reached her hand out. "Walker!" she cried as the tips of her fingers barely reaching him. "Grab my hand!"
    He blinked, staring at her with his surprised, then tears rimmed his sky and ocean blue eyes. "Alphirra what are you doing!? Walker asked, his voice was angelic and warm. "You shouldn't have come here to get me!"
    "I'm not leaving without you, Walker!" Alphirra said. "Together we'll get out of here! Now take my hand!" Steam hissed off her shoulder from a few drops of water touching her. She could feel the pain ripping at the incuvamp's heart.  Walker looked away for a few seconds before he met her gaze, nodding, he takes her hand and pulled her into a hug.
"I never thought I would feel this way for anyone....especially you." Tears flowed down his cheeks. "I don't know Alphirra. I just don't know anymore. You are everything to me now after we went through in such a short time." Alphirra was shocked as she look straight into Walker's gaze, trying to see if he was deceiving her. His light and dark blue eyes was soft, warm and they sparkled beautifully. Everything what he said tug at her heart strings.
    "I...." Walker began. "I think I love you...." He leaned forward and takes off her golden mask, kissing her passionately. When his lips touched hers, Alphirra could never imagine feeling anything like this before. It was warm, tender and sweet. This was love. Walker created a strong bond that will stay with them in life and death. The first kiss he gave away was precious. The few words he had said affected Alphirra greatly, putting her in a dreamy trance, then snaps out of it when Walker placed her mask back on her face. She narrowed her eyes, still feeling his enchanting sensation lingering on her mouth. "I think I love you" repeated in her thoughts. Those words. They were sincere and he meant it. Alphirra wrapped her arms around his neck, quickly transforming into flames to slide around him, fusing to his back as she materialize herself into a beautiful midnight black wings. Tribal marks stretched out from his shoulders and spread down his shoulders with black stripes. Her thoughts and emotions became one with his; realizing he truely does feel love. As for Walker he could sense her being uncertain, cautious and flustered. But he knows that she cares a lot about him. That was good enough to make him happy. Even if she did not love him back like the way he does, didn't matter because all he wanted was to be close to someone special. To be loved by that person is to be earned and he'll have to work for it.
    "Walker, I'll guide you along as I tell you how to control the wings," said Alphirra. "Our thoughts and emotions are connected. Now let's get out of here before we regret spending our time here."
    "I understand" Walker opened his black wings and flapped them, rising higher as he was getting closer to the opening where he can see the stars in the sky. In a flash he was above the Woods of Death and flying over the tree tops. There was glowing specks of yellowish light as the town of Once Dead remain far ahead.
The cool air felt good when he glide across the sky, enjoying the beautiful stars and the full moon high above their world. Before long they reached the border of the community.
    "Alphirra, where do you live?" he asked.
    "Go Northeast of the town and you'll find a small house located near the Angel Statue and Yggdrasil," she replied. Walker nodded, beating his wings harder and pass over Kyrran's home. His partner was sitting on the porch drinking a hot cup of coffee, watching him soar across the rooftops. He was glad that his idiot didn't die out there.
Vent Art made her way to the kitchen window and climbed on to the sill, gazing at  her winged hero flying in the night sky. The rusted blemish had spread up her whole left arm, shoulder, back and both of her legs are now taken over. She didn't want Kyrran or Walker to see what was happening to her, because she didn't want to distract them from their competition to worry about her. All Vent Art wanted was to have a good home, friends and to be free from her curse.
    "You should tell them, dear," said Story. "I can't do anything to help you to remove the illness and your shadow beasts, because there is an issue preventing me from using my powers. Maybe you have a chance to recover if you ask for their help?"  She placed her hand on Vent Art's shoulder, worried that this poor girl will soon perish any time soon. "You have to tell them! Please sweetie, you're dying and you have to remove those stitches so you can speak!"
    Vent Art shook her head stubbornly, slipped herself off the window sill and walked across the yard. She already made up her mind that she'll keep this a secret.
    "Vent Art! Vent Art! Please come back, sweetie!" Story called, raising her hand out in dispair. "If you don't, then I'll tell them myself!" She looked pleadingly at the white-haired girl. The story goddess was not able to use her powers on the other npc, knowing that the Vent Art can only help herself if only she has the strength to turn the tables.
     A single long thread emerged from the ground behind the girl, blinking its glowing milky eyes, then snickered mockingly at Story as more of the shadow entities appeared.
     "Hehehehe! If you tell a single word, we'll kill her so fast there will be no time to save her!" The reddish-black blight on her shoulder spreads further on the back of her neck and taking over the other half of her back.
With all her abilities as a story goddess, she felt helpless and frustrated that she can't use her healing to help Vent Art.
    "Is there a problem, Story?" Kyrran asked. He was standing by the entrance scanning the kitchen and then turns to the goddess. "I heard you yelling."
    "Oh no! There's no problem!," she said. "There was a stray dog trying to come into your yard and I told it go away!" Her eyes turn to the window, noticing Vent Art and her shadow beasts are not there. He caught her looking worried for a moment before her expression changed to becoming more mischievous. "Now excuse me Kyrran, I think my job is done and I should be resting now. Ta-ta!"  Story bounded out the kitchen entrance and closed the door. Kyrran knew straight away that she was keeping a secret from him. It bothered him, but he'll ask her later what that was all about. The clock chimed 12:00 a.m and he could hear the fireworks outside.

As Walker flew towards the small building, he notice Arc Inkline was standing on the front porch watching the colourful flashes of red, green, gold, purple, pink and white exploding in the dark sky.
    "Arc!" Alphirra called as the wings on Walker's back morphs into a pheonix and flew down. "Oh Arc! I was so worried! Thank goodness you're alright!"
    The doodle spun around and spread his arms. "Alphirra! You're okay!" he cried, taking her into a close hug. "Mr.Kyrran brought me home and gave me a a gas mask. Telling me its a keepsake! Umm...what's a keepsake?"
    "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Walker flatten his ears, arching his back and felt his palms and feet stinging when he landed on them, then quickly straightens in a standing position. "Next time warn me when you're going to do that!" 
    "Arc, meet Walker Blakemore," said Alphirra, gesturing to the incuvamp dusting his sleeve. "We were lost in the Woods of Death, but we manage to find out way back here."
    The doodle looks at the incuvamp, taking off the gas mask to take a better look at the stranger and a wide smile spread across his face. "Oh wow! You're creator must really love you to make you look handsome!" he said cheerfully. "And you got a complete design!"
    Walker raised his eyebrow. "No, he doesn't love me one bit," he said bitterly. "Most of my past was erased and I was forgotten when an rp group shut down on DevianArt. This is why I am here now." He turn his gaze at the ground, rubbing the back of his neck. "I guess this means good-bye Alphirra....Arc. It was nice meeting you both, but I have to go back home and mistakes." Much as he doesn't want to return to Kyrran's house, he knew better to try ask for forgiveness than to avoid his partner, fearing that he'll kill him if he didn't resolve this sooner.
    "There has to be a reason why he did it, Walker," said the doodle. "Your creator might have plans for you when the time comes. So don't give up hope on him, okay!?"
Walker gave a slight smile, shaking his head and chuckled. How could he forgive the one who created him to only suffer? When he seen how happy Arc was, the bitterness dies as he pushed aside the disgust for his creator.
    "I'll see you guys around," he said. "Take care of yourselves." Walker turned to leave and stopped when a golden light flashed behind him. He would have turned if he didn't felt Alphirra wrapping her arms around him. Arc Inkline stared at them for a moment before he slowly edge towards the door, then hurried inside the house to give them space.
    "Walker...." She tighten her hold as she rest her head against his back, being careful not to stab him with her beak on her mask. "What you said at the you really mean it?"
Walker twist around with a soft "Yes" and he leans to kiss her on the cheek. "I wouldn't have said it if I don't have feelings for you." Alphirra blushed when his gaze distracted her for a few minutes.
    "I understand that you are not ready for a relationship, but I'll wait for your decision when you are ready. For now, being friends isn't such a bad it?" He embraced her one last time before letting her free.
    "No. Not at all," she smiled sweetly. "Please take care, Walker. I might not be there for you when you need my help." With that, she walks to the front steps and turns back to look at Walker, taking the ruby amaryllis from her hair and gazed at it intently.
    "Thank you, I'll always treasure this precious gift." She made it to the door of her house and stopped when Walker stopped her.
    "Is there a chance that I can see you again?" he asked, glancing away as though he was ready to hear a "no" and would be left forgotten.
    "Of course we can see each others again," she said, smiling warmly. "Good-night, Walker."
His eyes light up with a smile. "Good night, Alphirra," he said. He turns and walked down the yard and out into the dimly lit street. His devil tail swished behind him as he head back to Kyrran's house.

Once Dead Chapter 2: Heart Burn and Love Bites #4
For :icononce-dead-oct:
WARNING: May contain strong language, violence and maturity.

Kyrran's Pages:

Memories of Viper: He now remembers his girlfriend and will be determine to work harder to try win the tournament and is also a lot more happier.

Powers: Physical Body Powder! Still the same basic defense, no tinkering with his pages again.
Walker's Pages:

Retractable Claws: Thanks to Kyrran tinkering with his pages, he now has feline ears that will show up whenever he is feeling catty, feisty, scared or commands it. His claws are incredibly sharp and is able to cut through metal, also can help him climb up walls and ceilings.

Gender Change: He is capable of changing other people's gender through biting.

As for :icononce-dead-oct: 
 I don't mind the competitors drawing them for cameos,fan,ect...just please don't forget to credit me for my character creation,it helps to let people know who they originally belong to. ALSO,NO STEALING.))

Character Owners:
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Veronica and Sigue belongs to :iconcrazyshiro:
Jon belongs to :iconaegypius-x:
Spencer belongs to :iconandroid3000:
Mordecai and Nevermore belongs to :iconcherrychimes:
Alphirra and Arc belongs to :iconperfectshadow06:
Kyrran, Walker, Story and Vent Art belongs to me :iconscythevale:
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Once Dead OCT:
Chapter 2: Love Bites and Heart Burn
By ScytheVale/Jo.S
Part 3

unset brought an end to the rainstorm, with skies cleared free of ominous dark clouds and gloom. The dying light of marigold rays slowly fades behind the mountains near the North West  of the village. With its last moment of radiance, the sun soon disappeared as nightfall shadowed over the valley. The full moon was now above the world, shining down beautifully in silver light, surrounded with twinkling stars that glittered across the black sky.
Walker and Alphirra left their shelter when the rain stopped pattering on the rotting roof which had miraculously kept them dry. They were grateful that the thunderstorm decreased from the Woods of Death. Shadows cloaked everything in veil of black and grey, save only by a single golden flame emitting from Alphirra's hand. As for Walker, he did not need the light to see in the dark, easily moving around trees, branches, bushes and puddles. Below his knees his pants was soaked after walking through the undergrowth, legs stinging, he ignored it and his concern lingered on Alphirra. Like him, she was weak against water.
In a way he felt pleasant and less bitter having her by his side, holding his hand, it made him feel secure. If she get a simple scratch or a bruise, Walker wouldn't know how to keep himself calm. He'll worry and try to keep her safe, but in a place like this he wasn't sure if he was good enough to protect her. Walker didn't understand why he felt protective. Maybe he never had a reason to be in the past? Perhaps he has nothing to lose?
    "Here, take this," he said, removing his denim jacket and giving it to Alphirra. "It will give you some protection from getting wet." Just before she takes it, he swiftly pulls the flower from the pocket and hides it behind his back.
"But Walker, wouldn't you be needing it more?" she asked.
    "No worries, I'll be fine," he said, giving her a reassuring smile. "Oh! Here, I thought you might like this..."
As he reveals the ruby amaryllis, Alphirra covered her mouth. She did not expect him to be giving her a gift. Her heart melt when she takes it into her hand, gazing at the reddish-pink flower with a gentle smile. It has six large petals and they all held together in a white star pattern in the center.
    "Walker, you shouldn't  have...." Alphirra said softly, a rise of butterflies fluttered in her stomach. "I can't thank you enough....."
The incuvamp turn his eyes at the ground to hide his blush. This was a new feeling for him and one that he could never thought he'll experience. Being with her is all it takes to melt the icy barriers covering his lonely heart. Deep down he knows she is the one. The girl who can make his world turn upside.
    "I never thought you would be the kind to give flowers," Alphirra teased, putting the ruby amaryllis behind over her ear.

Watching him turn his back, thinking she made him upset. there was a twinge of
guilt when he didn't reply. Shoving his hands in his jean pockets, Walker turned to Alphirra looking troubled.  The crickets chirped in the background, making it difficult for him to think. How was he going to say this? Deep down inside there was a voice screaming for him to say something. It was scraping inside his gut, begging for him to tell her how he truly felt. Again with his heart beating hard, he was now losing his edge to speak. Taking a deep breath and sighed, rubbing the nape of his neck as he closed his eyes. Alphirra put on his jacket while waiting for him to speak. Then her eyebrows pulled together. Now she was worried. His shoulders tensed up.
    "Have you ever been...." Suddenly he was more skittish and let the question glide off. "Never mind, it's not important."
"Walker, what's wrong?"
He shakes his head at himself in disappointment, sick to his stomach, before he realized that his behavior had probably gave her the wrong idea. All day he was feverish with a blushed face, sore joints and was still in heat. Embarrassing, right? Walker was not amused how much of a pain it is to tolerate these systems. There was no schedule when it was going to happen. Randomly coming whenever he's not ready. It must be his hormones making him attracted to Alphirra? Walker clenched his teeth at the thought. Hurt and confused, he turned to leave without answering.
    "Walker? Are you alright?" she asked, following behind him. "You don't look too well. Do you need rest?"
    He shrugged his shoulders at her and said,"I'll be okay."
    The phoenix refused to stop and continue prying until all his patience withered, then he spun around and glared at Alphirra. "I AM IN HEAT, OKAY!? I HAVE TWO CURSES! THE INCUBUS AND VAMPIRE! IT MAKES ME HAVE THEIR SYMPTOMS! NOW STOP BOTHERING ME!" he snapped irritably.
She nearly jumped back, surprised at his unexpecting outburst.
     "O-Oh, I didn't know-I'm sorry," she apologized, eyes downcast. "I shouldn't have pressed on, it was very rude of me."
 Alphirra went the opposite direction, giving him space to calm down.
    Walker stared, also shocked that he yelled at her. "Alphirra!" he said, pursuing after her. "Wait! I'm sorry! Please come back!"

The underbrush near them crackled loudly. They were walking back to the desolate cottage to find a giant, charred spider with a bloodshot eye hanging upside down on the ceiling.  Its legs creaked and made clicking sounds as it crawled on the entwined branches, vines and cobwebs. Turning its angry, glowing eye left to right, right to left. Alphirra froze in her tracks, covering her mouth and stared at it, then turned away to return to the other path. Alphirra was pale, but well composed. She clenched her hand over the golden flame in her palm and smothered it. Her boots stepped lightly on the root-covered ground.

Crashing and stumbling through the thicket came Walker. In his blond hair there was a twig sticking out on the side. With bits of his clothing catching on bushes and tearing off a patch of his jeans as he staggered through the woods.
    "Alphirra where are you?" He fell silent when he heard a loud creaking and clicking. When he quietly approached the abandon building, there is a red light shining down from above. A chill crawled up his spine and over his shoulders when he looked at the ceiling. Walker quickly went behind a tree, flattening his back against the trunk and held in his breath. The spider narrowed its eye and turned to where the incuvamp was hiding.
Oh God, oh God, don't find me, Walker thought, biting his lip.
Then the spider moved its attention to the left and bolted after the shadow darting in the midst of trees. As Alphirra's screams can be heard, Walker sprang out after the spider in startling speed and lashed forward. A golden light flashed ahead and a large flame ignited. Walker caught a glimpse of a bird flying out of the fire, weaving through the trees, flapping her wings as hard as she can.

    "Hey! Leave her alone you fucking bastard!" Walker yelled as he ran pass the spider and turned to face it while running backwards, waving his arms trying to get its attention. "Hey asshole! I am the one you want! Come get me!"

The spider must have heard him because it turned its bloodshot eye down at Walker.
"That's right, prick," said Walker, his hands tensed in tight fists. "I'm right here."
The two locked eyes for almost five seconds and glared at each others. Then the spider screeched.
    "COME GET ME!" Walker nearly ran into poison ivy when he turned and sprinted across the creek, ignoring the water burning his sensitive skin. "I hope you get far away as possible Alphirra, I don't know how long I can distract this monster."

Kyrran Serpentine did one last check to make sure all the avenues in the town was searched. He looked in his house, asked people questions and even put up a notice that three competitors had went mission. Still no luck. If only his nose had not lost its sense of smell, he would have found them hours ago. His mind was racing ahead, trying to figure out what other places he should inspect. The only place he could think of was the Woods of Death. Modecai was slumped in his seat, managing somehow to to look more bored than everyone else in the jeep. He had his head resting against his palm, staring out the open window as his messy hair blew back. Nevermore was sleeping on his lap, head tucked under his wing. It was quiet. Kyrran can only hear the engine humming and pebbles crumbling underneath the tire wheels. Spencer had not said a word since Mordecai had stopped talking, which was four hours ago.
Checking the time on his radio: 10:47 p.m. Kyrran glanced at the review mirror to see Spencer smiling at him.
    "You do know that he may as well be considered dead," said Spencer, breaking the silence. "And as for your competitors, they might have already finished him off."
Kyrran was chilled at the thought of what could have happened to Walker. There was no telling what would happen to him if he was in the Woods of Death. A person like Walker wouldn't last very long being in a dangerous place full of magic and strong creatures. He doesn't have what it takes to survive there. Through Kyrran's eyes he can see Walker as a typical teenager. Young as fifteen years old. He felt responsible for him after accomplishing the first round. Much as he despised the incuvamp, he didn't want to leave him out there to get killed and carry on his own priorities winning the tournament. The dark shapes of trees on opposite side of the gravel road rush pass, full moon hanging high in the nighsky scattered with twinkling stars.
Lights flared ahead from beyond the grassland, in a far distant they could see the forest clearly.
    "I don't know about you guys, but I am close to the end of my rope!" said Mordecai, switching the radio on and High Way to Hell by ACDC starts playing. "This is more like it!" Then he turns the volume high. Nevermore wakes up screaming, frantically fluttering his wings as he circles inside the jeep.
    "Aaaaaaaahhh! What is that horrible sound!?" he yelled, now perching on top of Mordecai's head.
In the back seat Spencer looked out the window, hand covering his mouth, he wanted to laugh out loud at the Raven. Kyrran quickly turned the volume down and gave Mordecai the "You Jackass" look before he turn his attention back to the road. Seven feet from the headlights stood a white-tailed deer appeared, its black marbled eyes stared at the incoming jeep. Its didn't run out of the way as if its hooves were stuck on the ground.
    "OH SHIT! IT'S A DEER!" Mordecai yelled.
Kyrran widen his eyes and quickly spin the wheel, all four of them screamed as the jeep did a sharp turn around the deer, almost hitting it with the bumper by a few inches. His eyes flickered about, searching for any unsuspecting animal, he let out a sigh of relief after he finally relaxed.
    "Hahahaha....that was close," he chuckled nervously.
"Close? We almost fucking hit that God, damn animal!" Mordecai exclaimed.
    Spencer burst out laughing. "Hahahahaha! Don't worry I am a mortician! If we did hit it, then I'll gladly take care of the body!"
    "I think I am going to be sick-urp!" said Nevermore, falling off his perch and lands on Mordecai's lap. "C-can we stop? Just for a minute?"
In a corner of Kyrran's eye he spot a pale, ghostly figure moving across the grassy field and suddenly it appeared in front of the jeep. It flung itself at the windshield with a loud smack.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" All four of them screamed.
It was one of those moments for Kyrran in his life when everything seem to move very slow. He recognize the white figure to be his opponent, Arc Inkline, who was now blocking his view on the other side of the window. Then there was something different about the doodle. It was like he replaced his original face; he has heart-shaped eyes and a wide goofy grin with drool dripping on the corner of his mouth. Kyrran half turned his head to the right, Mordecai on one side, holding Nevermore in his arms, and  Spencer in the back seat, holding his bowler hat on his head, his pale face mixed with excitement and fear. Then reality starts to return to its normal pace again.
    "My love! I have finally found you!" said Arc, his voice sounded clingy and high pitch. "I will never want to leave your side ever again!"
 Kyrran blinked. How was he suppose to respond to this? Did the doodle made a mistake? No. His heart-shaped eyes was focosed only on him.
    "What the hell!?" Mordecai yelled, glancing at Kyrran. "Do something, man!"
Before Kyrran could stop the jeep, something hard hit the front bumper and it went underneath, causing the vihicle to bounce twice  as if it was riding over speed bumps.
    "Oh God, what did I hit!?" Kyrran exclaimed, slamming his foot against the breaks. It screeched to a halt.
    Arc rolled across the bonnet hood. "Whoa! My love!" he said, falling in front of the jeep and lands on the ground.
Kyrran scrambled out of his seat belt, open the door, and hurried to see what he had just hit. Under the moonlight he can see a mangled man laying face down in a muddy puddle. It look like he wore an expensive suit that a vampire from a romance novel would wear. Black coal hair and deathly pale skin. Slowly his hands raise behind his head, staring at the freshly killed carcass bleeding out.
    "Oh god...I hit a man." He turned when he heard Mordecai running toward him with his raven perched on his shoulder, followed by Spencer.
When they gathered by the dead body, Kyrran did not expect any of them to find this humorous. The raven snickered, covering his beak under his beak while his companion laughed.
    "Oh man, I can't believe you killed this son of a bitch!" Mordecai kicked the man's foot. "He's road kill now all thanks to you!" Spencer held his hand over his mouth, struggling to hold his laugh. The corner of Kyrran's mouth tugged as he gave a confused look at the three. Before he could asked, Mordecai explained to him that this carcass, Drake, is one fucked up monster. Kyrren felt his remorse fade as more details was told to him by Nevermore, who also had a grudge on this man. Spencer's smile went in a straight line, nodding in agreement with the bird.
    "Ah, I see..." said Kyrran, folding his arms. "Then we should dispose of his body before anyone notice."
    "Right! And we have a mortician here to help us!" Mordecai grinned and turned to Spencer, who was already pulling Drake off the side of the road by his ankles. "Looks like someone is commitment to his job," said Nevermore.
    The tall grass part itself as he dragged the body, then stops for a minute to look at the others watching him. "Can you all at least help me instead of standing there," Spencer side, waving for them to come. "Hurry now, we don't got all night."
When Kyrran was halfway across the road, he had a gut feeling that something was coming, and turned in time to get tackled by a white blur. His back thudded against the hard ground, knocking the air out of him and he could barely breath from being held in Arc's arms.
    "Kyrra, please don't you leave meeee!" he said, nuzzling against Kyrran's masked. "I love you too much! You are the only one who makes me want to fly!"
Everyone watched as the doodle babbled on as he cling on the blodrinker without acknowledging that he was having trouble breathing.
"Come my sweet flower, together we shall elope!"
"Don't be shy, I'll do everything I can to keep you safe!"
Kyrran quickly slips free from Arc's embrace, scrambling away and got on his feet to run behind Mordecai.
     "Hey! I don't swing that way!" he said, peering behind his companion's shoulder. Then he remember about Walker and Alphirra that are still missing.
    "Oh! Excuse me Arc, do you know where my partner might be?" he asked, trying to sound polite. But deep down he was harnessing his frustration and confusion of why he felt flustered being near the doodle. It made him sick to the stomach how wrong it was. Then he recalled the stupid heart on the letter, Arc's heart-shaped eyes, the Valentine's theme in town was enough to convince him what Story's wink was hinting. This round was about romance! How could he be so stupid not to notice!? He doesn't know what their main task was, because there was no information besides "Welcome to Round 2" on the paper. No details. Nothing. Then he could not help but smile when he realize Walker was designed for this genre.
    "Ahh....Kyrran, I think your boyfriend is looking pissed off," said Mordecai, raising his eyebrow.
The white on the doodle was tainted red, shaking head to toe from rage and envy.
    "Get away from him, he's mine!" he yelled. "I'll will not have any competition!" His arm morphed into a sharp blade and he points it at Mordecai. unsmiling, he swung it to his side with light glimming across the flat of the weapon. Kyrran shake his head and steps in front of his companion. So much for getting answers now.
     "You must have mistaken," he said, placing his hand on his own chest. "We're not lovers and I am greatly sorry for your inconvience, because I don't swing that way my friend."
Arc stared at them in silence, slowly turning to Mordecai and back to Kyrran. The heart-shaped eyes cracked in half.
     "If I can't have you, then no one else will!" Now he comes running towards them in a blink of an eye.
    "Oh no you don't!" said Kyrran, shoving his hand into his bag and throws a vial filled with blue liquid on the ground. It smashes in front of the incoming Arc and it explodes in a flash of bright green light.
    "Ah! I can't see!" The doodle blindly swung his sword. Kyrran shoved Mordecai aside as he moved back, dodging the wild fury of swipes that could end his  life, and gasped when he seen a ball of white fluff parting from his hood. The blade had cut a strand of fur from his jacket. Kyrran's jaw muscles tighten, trying hard not to show that he was angry.
    From the other side, Spencer yelled,"Morde! Can you give me a hand!? We're NPCs and in the rules we cannot interfere with the competitors!" Reluctanctly, Mordecai apologized to Kyrran before leaving to help Spencer get rid of the body. Nevermore on the other hand was going to watch while keeping perched on his friend's shoulder.
Though, of course, the blodrinker had no way of avoiding most of Arc's attack. Being in his human form he moved much slower. His blood sprayed from his arm when the blade slashed through his favorite jacket. Kyrran had counted it as his tenth cut he received, and he wasn't going get another one.
Arc ran around Kyrran, spotting an opening on his opponent's back, he bolt towards him. He was sure he will not miss, but his foot had sunk deep in the pot hole and got stuck in the mud, causing him to fall forward and faceplant in a puddle with a splash. Kyrran spun around, finding Arc laying emotionless in the brown water. He was sure this was a trick, so he kept a wary watch on his opponent when he pulled him out by his waist, holding him under his strong arm.
Kyrran glanced at the field where Spencer, Mordecai and Nevermore are returning after getting rid of the body. His green eye, tired, gazed down at the doodle hanging in his hold like a wet noodle as his sword melts back into a regular limb. The crickets chirped in the tall grass.
    Then his ears picked up loud trees crashing near the town before a loud screech started, and Kyrran said, "God dammit, Walker." Quickly chucking Arc in the back seat, he could see a plain, white face missing a pair of heart-shaped eyes and a goofy smile. Opening the glove compartment, he takes out a black sharpie pen and shut the door close.
    "You better think twice if you dare try being a turd again," said Kyrran, attempting to draw a face that look like from his the picture on the letter. The eyes was a little large but no one could tell, unless they are expert at noticing the difference.
"There, are you going to be nice?" The blodrinker put the cap back on the pen.
Arc looking confused and lost, he stares at Kyrran with a whole new expression that showed that he wasn't the crazed Cassonova.
    "Alphirra! I hope she is not worried about me!" he exclaimed. "Mister, do you know where I am? I have to see my friend!"
Kyrran was thinking about Walker still being missing and was trying to figure out if Arc's friend had met him yet.
    "You're outside of town, near the Woods of Death," he said softly, not meaning to sound tired. "I'll bring you back home to your companion if she is still there."
    "What is companion?" The doodle tilt his head and was scratching his cheek.
    "It means friend," said Kyrran, removing his gas mask and sighed. "Arc, what made you act different? I've notice that you changed when the drawings on your face washed off."
Then the doodle widen his eyes. "I'm sorry for all the trouble! I don't remember anything after having my face drawn by Eli and Illi this morning," he replied, turning away from at him for a moment. "Did I do all that to you?"
    With his gas mask in his hand, Kyrran tapped on Arc's shoulder to get his attention and placed it on his face. "Nah, don't concern yourself about it. These little paper cuts are nothing to compared to the injuries I had in war from my story." He grinned. "Say, that mask looks nice on you kid. You can have it as a keepsake"
    Arc looked up at him from his seat, lifting the mask and peered out underneath it. "Oh no! I can't keep it! Not after what I did!"
    "It's all forgiven my friend," said Kyrran, smiling down at the doodle. "And please call me Kyrran." Dispite how tired he felt, he wasn't going to give up searching for Walker and Alphirra. Mordecai, Nevermore and Spencer came inside the jeep, settling themselves in their seat, they turned to Arc who was cheerfully smiling at them.
    "Hi!" he greeted, giving a small wave. "I'm Arc Inkline! Um..I'm sorry for what happened."
    "It's alright, mate," said Mordecai, putting on his seat belt. "You were not yourself. Today this round had gotten to everyone's head, so you may not be the only one."
    Spencer sat down beside the doodle, crossing his leg, clasping his hands and resting them on his lap. "Well, apparently everyone is twitter -and has lost their heads. It is a surprise to see that Kyrran is not showing any symptoms." That was a lie. Kyrran did felt something for Arc, but he knows better it was the rules in the round was forcing him to have lovey-dovey feelings. He can only see the doodle as his younger brother. Nothing more.
Once Dead Chapter 2 Heart Burn and Love Bites#3
For :icononce-dead-oct:
WARNING: May contain strong language, violence and maturity.

Okay, I am finally finished with my entry and forgive me if my work is rushed, has grammar issues, spelling mistakes because I am pretty busy now and my net is down. So I am relying on the the library to borrow Wifi.

As for :icononce-dead-oct: 
 I don't mind the competitors drawing them for cameos,fan,ect...just please don't forget to credit me for my character creation,it helps to let people know who they originally belong to. ALSO,NO STEALING.))

Character Owners:
Rook belongs to :iconanthropomorphiccain:
Veronica and Sigue belongs to :iconcrazyshiro:
Jon belongs to :iconaegypius-x:
Spencer belongs to :iconandroid3000:
Mordecai and Nevermore belongs to :iconcherrychimes:
Alphirra and Arc belongs to :iconperfectshadow06:
Kyrran, Walker, Story and Vent Art belongs to me :iconscythevale:
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Once Dead OCT:
Chapter 2: Love Bites and Heart Burn
By ScytheVale/Jo.S
Part 2

unning for their lives, Walker and Alphirra were getting more lost.
    "I recognize these trees, we should be reaching the edge of the forest!" she said, suddenly halting in front of a huge oak tree. "This is strange, I don't remember the ground being covered with dead leaves and vines. There was moss carpeting the floor
    "Before you saved me, I saw a tree moving by itself. It was walking on its roots," he panted, leaning against a large rock. "Maybe they moved to a different area to throw us off the path?
    Alphirra gasped and covered her mouth. "So you're saying we're lost!?"
    Walker nodded sheepishly. "Yes...maybe you can fly above the treetop to see where we are?"
 He bends his head back, looking at the ceiling entwine with branches, thorny vines and cobwebs. His fair eyebrows knitted together in a frown, shaking his head disappointingly.
    "It's no use," he said, scratching the back of his neck. "I don't know about you, but I have no clue how to get out of here....I'm sorry."
     Alphirra was gazing at the ceiling. "Walker please stand back I am going to try use my fire to create an entrance," she said, her hand lighting up in golden flames.  "I don't want you to  get hurt."
The incuvamp nodded. "Alright...." he said, slowly moving behind a large rock.
His vision blurred as his temples made loud throbs, making it difficult for him to think. A part of him knew he was near to becoming unconscious. But he didn't want to collapse into a senseless burden. Just when Alphirra was about to hurl her ball of fire at the branches, a single drop of water splattered on her exposed shoulder.
"Ah!" she winced.
    "What's wrong?" Walker asked, peering out from behind the rock.
    "It's nothing," she replied. Then she winced again when another drop of water landed on her head.
They both looked up at the ceiling when they heard a loud crack, catching a glimpes of light flashing through the entwined branches, thorny vines and cobwebs. It was lightening. And when there is lightening and thunder, rain will soon fall.
"We have to find shelter!"
    "But where can we find one!?"
    Walker turned his eyes from left to right, still being unable to see clearly, he wasn't sure where to find shelter. "I don't know!" he answered back. "My vision is shit!"
When he heard the rain coming, he sprang out from his hiding place, grabbing Alphirra's hand and ran. His aching ankle prickled like needles. Walker didn't want to burn like a a fresh wound getting sprinkled with salt. Water was one of his weakness. It hurts a lot like receiving a thousand bee stings. He can handle taking short agonizing showers, but he wasn't looking forward to getting soaked again in one day. He groaned when the rain began falling. Alphirra screamed, cringing, she kept running. Walker quickly removed his black denim jacket and threw it on top of  her. It would protect her somewhat from the unpleasant rain.
    "What about you!?" she asked, pulling her eyebrows into a worried frown.
    He turned and smirked at Alphirra. "I'll be fine, a little rain won't hurt me that much," he said, lightly squeezing her hand. "Come on, help me find a shelter so we don't die out here."
 She could see the discomfort in his two different coloured eyes; the right was dark ocean blue and the left was sky blue. It almost seem to glitter with beauty.
The pink hoodie he wore wasn't enough to keep him dry from the rain. His shoulders were also exposed, revealing his black straps from his tank top.
"I'll  be fine, really," he said, feeling his inflamed skin burning.
Alphirra had decline herself to believe him when she saw the suffering in his look. Even with his weak smile, it couldn't hide what he truely felt. She looked away, feeling terrible to see him tolerating the pain. Then she spots an abandon cottage partially hidden by the trees, cobwebs and bushes.
"Over there!" she said, now pulling Walker towards the building.
    "O-okay." He followed, immediately taking a great dislike of their new found shelter.
The roof had a gash across it, broken windows with a door that looks like it can barely hang on its own hinges. The dark wooden walls that kept the building itself was rotten. It was creepy. Creepy enough to make Walker think it could be haunted. If not haunted, there might be a monster living there.
"In here," she said, tugging him along.
When his foot had first touched the floor, he felt a chill bolt up his leg as if he had just stepped on a grave. Inside the desolated building it was dark and it smelled like fungi. Walker can see a broken table with the company of chairs tipped over around it. Then he turned his weary eyes to the moss covered bed.
    "If I could, I would peal the moss off that bed and use it for a blanket if I slept there," he said, half joking.
 Alphirra had found a dry area near the chimney. She brought Walker there and made his sit there to rest. He plopped down, panting, he leaned against the warm wall.  Her eyebrows pulled together in concern when she saw how pale he was. Checking his temperature, Alphirra almost gasped.
"You have a fever!" she said, drawing her hand back and curled her fingers.
Walker pulled away, obviously startled at her touch. It was smooth, soft and it made him feel weird. "I-I'm okay, y-you're the one who needs to be taken care of."
    She shakes her head. "No, you're badly hurt and I can help heal your wounds," she said, constructing a hot glowing ball of fire between her hands. "Don't worry I won't burn you."
    Walker stared at the flame. "Alright...." he murmured, giving in. Alphirra made her power grow until the flames washed over him.
 He closed his eyes, resting them while the warm flames vanquish the tormenting pain. It soothed his inflamed skin, mending his scratches and cuts and made his headache disappeared along with his bruises. The energy ceased along with her fire, then Alphirra collapses to the floor.
    "Wha! Hey! Are you okay!?" he said, crawling beside her. "I'm such an idiot! I shouldn't of let you heal me!"
Even if she can still hear him, Alphirra could barely keep her eyes open. Walker pulled Alphirra into his arms and look down at her. What to do, what to do, he thought frantically. A crushing squeeze clenched his heart when he can see the exhaustion written all over her. He also recalled seeing her weakening from touching the rain water. Then he also remembers when she used her magic again, just to have him recover from his injuries. Walker couldn't imagine how much of a strain it was for her to use every last bit of her energy to get him out of danger.
    "Do not worry about me," she struggled to say. "I did this was the right thing."
     Walker narrowed his eyes, biting down on his lip, he turned to the chimney. "Dammit Alphirra, you should have not helped me back there," he said, looking back at her again. "I'm not worth it."
    "Yes you are..." she whispered, closing her eyes. "Please don't...think you are worthless."
    "I don't understand why you did it..." he said, gently putting her frail body aside and rose to face the chimney. "I am not the most kindest person."
Alphirra didn't reply as she changed her form into a phoenix. Only the soft breathing he can hear, knowing she is now sleeping.
After five minutes Walker had came up with an idea. He had pulled the moss from the bed and placed it inside the chimney. He didn't know what else he should do, then he remember the chairs by the broken table. After they were broken into parts, Walker chucked them on top of the moss. Taking his lighter out, Walker slides his thumb on the spark wheel.
Scritch! Scritch! Scritch! Scitch!
    "God dammit!" he swore, then a small flame finally lit. He lowers it to the moss, trying to catch it on fire.
    "Come on, work!" he hissed, tail flipping impatiently.
There was a flicker of annoyance in his eyes, but before he gave up, the moss lit with a huge flame. He felt his lips tug in a smile, satisfied with his work, his attention shifted to Alphirra. She was laying still laying on her back, wings spread out, a shudder escape her beak. He carefully picked her up in his hands and walked towards the chimney. Gently he put her in the pit, wincing every now and then as he ignored the flames licking his hands.
    A bead of sweat slide down his temple. "Ow.." he muttered, withdrawing his hands from the fire.
 It was red, swollen and there was minor blisters forming on his raw skin. Walker sat down ungracefully, watching the phoenix slowly recovering in the warm orange-red glow. She'll be alright now, he thought. His mouth watered as he build up saliva, then he sticked his tongue out and started to run his tongue against his injured hand. This was the most embarrassing, but most wonderful power he has; healing factor. He nearly forgotten he has this ability and he was glad to remember it. The redness slowly turned to healthy, light skin after the pain soothed. His blisters was gone and so was the swelling.
He glanced at the open door. Rain was pouring straight down, lightening ripping across the darken skies and thunder exploding overhead. Walker made a grim expression, turning his attention back to Alphirra, who was still sleeping. Her head was tucked underneath her wing. Before the tournament began, he remember seeing a glimpse of Alphirra and Ark Inkline on the side of the road. They were almost hit by Kyrran when he was driving his jeep. Then a sudden guilt jabbed him in the back. They were almost killed in the audition because of him. He was the one who kicked the driver's back seat when he was in a bad mood. Even after that, he was still bitter and treated other competitors poorly.
    "I'm sorry," he murmured, eyes rimming with tears. "I am sorry." His hand covered over his glistening blue eyes.
The bitterness and dislike he had for her made his stomach hurt. She saved his life, tried leading him out of the forest, healed him and sacrificed her energy and magic. All for what? A pitiful, sullen brat. He couldn't hide his sorrowful tone in his voice. "I should have been a better person."
A lightening flashed illuminated inside the cottage, revealing Walker sitting there crying silently.

After four hours of driving, Kyrran pulled his jeep over by the Northern Guard Tower and parked it near the front entrance.
    "I'll have to ask if anyone have seen Walker," he said, turning off the ignition and set the breaks. "We searched throughout the entire town within the perimeter, except for the border behind the front gate. Hopefully he did not pass the boundary line in The Woods of Death."
    "Damn, the kid seriously got himself lost," said Mordecai, stretching his arms and places his hands behind his head. "Do you think he might be dead?"
Kyrran glanced at him. "He's missing and I haven't seen our competitors yet."
For a moment, Mordecai gave some thought before he raised an eyebrow. "Damn, ya'll have such luck." He couldn't hide the sarcasm in his voice.
"Yeah, I'm sure it will get even better," said Kyrran, opening his car door. Getting out he put his one hand on his hip, his eye followed up the tall narrow building, and he gave an impressed whistle.
"Can I help you?" Leaning against the door frame was Jon.
 A tall man dressed in a fine dark brown leather jacket that wore over his plain grey T-shirt, and a belt holding up his light blue jeans. His leather hiking boots look as if he was trekking in a forest all morning. It was muddied and covered with bits of grass, leaves and there was a root sticking out. Kyrran approached him and stopped, leaving five feet of space between them. As if they were sizing each others up, there an unsettling moment of silence, making the NPCS in the jeep wonder if there was going to be a fight. Kyrran glanced at Jon, reading him by his worn out, middle-aged face that told him he had long hard years. And it looks like he hadn't shaved in four days. His dirty blonde brush cut hair. serious frown, sharp dark brown eyes, large roman nose and his grim, straight mouth had told Kyrran that this man was irritable.
    Jon folded his arms. "Well?" he said, waiting for an answer.
    "I am here to see if my partner, Walker Blakemore, had came here. He disappeared for four hours and I have not seen him since," said Kyrran, tapping his fingers against his hip. "As for our recent competitors, they seem to be gone as well."
    Jon shakes his head. "No, haven't seen him here," he replied, raising his thick eyebrow. "And it's not my problem. Your friend could be with your opponents while you're gallivanting. Hell, for all I know he might as well be looking for you or he already got his ass killed."
    Kyrran sighed and rubs the back of his neck. "Thanks. I'll be off, then," he said, returning to his jeep.
"Any luck finding him?" Mordecai asked.
    "By the looks of it, Decai, it appear that his partner didn't came here," said Spencer, looking out the window. He was smirking at Jon mockingly. "Now what are you going to do Kyrran?
    "My sense of smell is still burning from Walker's pheromones. I'll have to do my best finding him somehow," he said, twisting the keys in the ignition. "I just know he is still alive out there-perhaps getting into more trouble."

It took Alphirra a good rest inside the chimney before she slowly opens her eyes, discovering the dying flames wavering around her, laying snug on top a nest of burning embers. The warmth had helped recover most of her energy, feeling the magic flickering within, she gain the strength to step out of her bedding. Her little claws on her bird feet clicked against the floor boards, coming near the sleeping incuvamp, she tilt her head when she saw a single tear speck slide down his cheek.
Was he crying? she thought, peering closer at his feminine face.
He had golden silky blonde hair with a patch of brunnette on the portion of his bangs. The thin eyebrows, delicate long lashes, straight nose, light pink lips made him look like an innocent little lamb. When he opened his eyes, she can see the two different set of colours gazing at her. Reminding her of heavenly light blue sky looking down at the glittering deep blue ocean. They were making her heart thump hard in her chest.
"O-oh! You're awake now!" she said, shyly looking away. "How are you feeling?"
He sat up in an undignified slump, groaning, as he rubs his eyes. "Stiff....sore...other than that.....shitty.." said Walker, cracking his neck. "What about you?"
    Alphirra takes a step back, not making eye contact with him. "I-I'm doing fine....thank you."
    "Glad to hear." He glance at the open door, seeing the raindrops dripping off from the ledge of the roof.
 It didn't look like it was raining buckets like hours ago. A whirl of fire lit the room as it encircle Alphirra, changing her form back into a beautiful women.
    "We should leave here once the rain lessons, Walker," she said, looking down at the incuvamp. "We can not be staying here any longer in the Woods of Death."
She look into his eyes and tried not to let herself be distracted by his gentle, alluring gaze. He was studying her face, appearing calm, Alphirra felt her stomach bloomed with butterflies fluttering. She turned away and stared at the toes of her black boots.
    "Why did you save me?" he asked, rising to his feet. "We're competitors. Wouldn't it be more easier to have me gone sooner than put up with me?"
Alphirra grabbed her forearm and winced, still having her back facing him.
     "Today is our second round. It had you and your partner's pictures and names on the letter, but there was no description what we should do." She shakes her head, giving a little chuckle before sighing. "The only clue it had on it was a heart on the end of the sentence. Welcome to Round two. I don't understand why it is there."

Walker tilts his head, wondering what the judges had in mind for them. For now it didn't matter because he was lost in the Woods of Death with his opponent. The beautiful lady phoenix who is capable of roasting him into a black, crispy statue. He had no chance fighting her head on if this was an actual battle. After seeing what she is capable of doing was enough to convince him that her magic is strong. There was one fact that Walker and Alphirra share; they were both weak against water. However, he was much more tolerable to it.  For now, he was concern about Alphirra's intentions. He wanted to know why she risked her own hide to rescue him from the giant spider. Then again, Walker did save her life when she collapsed on the floor, drained from her energy and magic, he could of left her there to slowly fade away like a dying flame.
    "Whatever the reason." He takes her hand into his own. "We'll find out soon enough." Alphirra blushed from his touch. "Then we shall focus on leaving this place after it stops raining."
 He stood there gazing at her, with his eyes determined and sparked with passion, an unknown feeling that made her feel safe. When he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, Alphirra could sense uncertainty coming from him.
    "We may not know each others that well- but I still question why you would help me escape the spider," he said, his voice was cool but a little serious at the same time.     "I wasn't a very kind to anyone in the tournament. All I have done was cause problems for everyone. Why Alphirra?"
    "Because I wouldn't live with myself if I did nothing," she replied, slowly pulling her hands free. "You needed the help and I was there to provide it."
    "Okay?" he asked, his eyes narrowed in concern. "I saw you wince when you touch your arm earlier."
Alphirra look didn't know where to look, but her view settled on the floor as she embraced herself. Walker held his chin as if he was thinking while he bit his lip in concern.
    "Are you hurt?" he asked, pressing a little more for an answer. "If you are I know I can fix that." She looks at him, carefully tugging her sleeves back to show him her bandaged arms. "You were flying while you're injured?" he said, holding back his urge to yell at her. "Especially in a place like this?"
    "I was looking for my friend, Arc Inkline, who went missing," Alphirra said, turning her attention back to the floor. "I've been searching for him ever since this early morning."
    Walker rubbed the back of his sore neck, turning his view up at the hole in the ceiling. "I...." he paused. "I will help you find him....after we get out of here. But right now I have to fix your injury before you attract monsters."
Alphirra narrows her eyes, placing her hand on his cheek as she turn his face to her.     "I'm sorry for all the trouble, Walker," she said sincerely, stepping away from walker and held her hands together. "You are very kind to help me, but you don't have to do this."
Her eyes stinged as they glistened behind her golden bird mask.
    Walker moved in front of Alphirra, placing his hand on her shoulder. "Look, I am a lot of trouble. And for what you did back there I am willing to repay you," he said, taking her hands into his once more. "Please. I want to do this......for you"

Alphirra takes a deep breath, biting her lip, she nods for him to heal her fresh scars.
He carefully unravels the bandages to make sure he did not hurt her as he removes them.
    "Alphirra, it looks bad. Please be still because this will feel weird." Walker holds her wrist up and he lowers his head towards her limb. "Don't hit me, okay?" He gave her a soft glance.
    "I won't,"she said, watching him. The incuvamp build up his saliva in his mouth before he sticks his pink tongue out, sliding it over the nasty injuries on her arm.
He could feel the dry, rough protective crust that formed over her cuts. It was gross. It even made him close to gagging, but with respect and trying to be polite, he didn't want to embarrass Alphirra. He could feel her squirming a little as he ran his saliva-soaked tongue on the wound.
    "I'm sorry about this.." he murmured, pulling away and he repeat the process to the other arm.
     "I-it's fine," she replied, biting her lip hard. Alphirra was trying her very best to contain herself from making any weird noises.
 Her pleasure derived from his saliva that relieved her pain. Alphirra would cringe in humiliation if she let out one peep, realizing the sensation was traveling up her limb and it spread down her spine. The cuts slowly closed, leaving no scars as the thin lines disappears.
    "There, good as new!" he said, letting go of her delicate wrist. "I am sorry about was...weird...but at least you're not in pain anymore!"
He grinned, trying to light up the mood, but then he stepped back when he saw Alphirra blushing.
s "Ar-Are you okay? Was I too rough?" he asked, preparing himself to shield himself with his arm.
    "Thank you Walker, I am feeling much better," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Now I could fly without my wings hurting. Thank you...." Alphirra tilt her head, carefully not to stab him with her golden beak, he plant a kiss on his cheek and left behind a red lip mark.
    Walker felt his eyes widen. "You welcome..." he murmured, feeling his heart beating fast and hard. He'd never before been so captivated by such creature, his mind racing, he could smell her rose scented skin. His eyes drooped and he couldn't help but embrace her.
    "Alphirra..." he whispered, his voice gentle and smooth. "The warmth of my heart. Please.....don't leave me alone...please don't."
And Walker, who was full of love, who'd never felt so drawn, kissed her neck and bite it. Blood welling up, it stream down her shoulder. Alphirra jumped when she felt a strange, tingling sensation. She clenched her teeth, stopping herself from making a noise.
"Walker, w-what are you doing?" Alphirra asked.
    His hands gripped on the back of her shirt. "Mmm...." He was purring affectionately,slowly swaying his devil tail lazily on the floor.
    Finally, she tried to break free in his embrace. "C-can you stop?" Now growing uncomfortable with him being close. Alphirra jumped when his hand squeezed her side. She felt her face burn pink. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" she yelled. Alphirra swung her hand hard. It hit him on the cheek with a loud smack.
    "Ow! Holy shit! What was that for!?" he asked, pulling his arms away from her. "Ow!"There was a red outline of her hand imprinted where he got hit.
    "You bit me!" Alphirra snapped irritably. "And you were hugging me and then you squeezed my side!"

Walker fell into silence, glancing sideways at Alphirra with a confused look. He didn't know how to respond to her snapping at him. The thought of biting another victom on the same day was enough to shatter him. When he notice the blood on her shoulder, an invisible jab punched his stomach and he winced. In his mouth there was a thick, sweet, coppery taste. Blood. It was her blood. He held back the urge to throw up.
    "I-I'm sorry-I did not realize what I have done..." he said, lowering his head. "I'm sorry, I don't remember doing that! I swear to God, Alphirra, I didn't mean it!"
 His tail whipped nervously behind him. Alphirra stood there with her arms folded, appearing unamused, she sighed and shakes her head. Walker ached for her to speak, to tell him that she forgive him. Her silence was cutting through him like a knife. He wanted her to say something, anything, to make him feel better.
    "I am really sorry...." he said, closing his eyes to hold back his tears. "Please don't be mad at me."
When Alphirra touched his shoulder, he'd jumped, getting ready to get smacked.
    "I won't hit you silly," she said, her voice was gentle and sweet. "I'll forgive you, but under one condition. If you bite me again I'll burn you."
    Walker nodded. "O-okay, I'll try not to..." he replied, using his sleeve to wipe away his tears. "I am really sorry..." His tail coaled around his feet.
    "It's alright. Your saliva already healed the bite wound," she said, ruffling his soft golden hair. "For now, while we're waiting, we should rest until the rain is gone."
He pulled back and was looking down again, fiddling with his thumbs, he was still scared if he'll bite her again, and Alphirra couldn't stay angry at him because he was sincere when he'd apologized.
    He's very sensitive, she thought, watching him stepping away and sit down near the chimney. "It will be okay," she reassured him. "Let's get some rest, we both had a long afternoon."
Walker folded his legs, wrapping his arms around them and rest his head against his knees. "Alright...." Is all he could say. There was too much thoughts racing in his mind, causing him to have a headache. And Alphirra shakes her head, pitying him as he remain sitting there gloomily. She sits down next to Walker, pulling him in a hug as she rests her head against his shoulder.
"It will be alright Walker," she said, stroking his blonde hair. "Please don't be sad anymore."

Once Dead Chapter 2: Heart Burn and Love Bites#2
For :icononce-dead-oct:
WARNING: May contain strong language, violence and maturity.

Okay, I am finally finished with my entry and forgive me if my work is rushed, has grammar issues, spelling mistakes because I am pretty busy now and my net is down. So I am relying on the the library to borrow Wifi.

As for :icononce-dead-oct: 
 I don't mind the competitors drawing them for cameos,fan,ect...just please don't forget to credit me for my character creation,it helps to let people know who they originally belong to. ALSO,NO STEALING.))

Character Owners:
Rook belongs to :iconanthropomorphiccain:
Veronica and Sigue belongs to :iconcrazyshiro:
Jon belongs to :iconaegypius-x:
Spencer belongs to :iconandroid3000:
Mordecai and Nevermore belongs to :iconcherrychimes:
Alphirra and Arc belongs to :iconperfectshadow06:
Kyrran, Walker, Story and Vent Art belongs to me :iconscythevale:
August 18, 2015

Yes, I am still alive surviving the new change to my path of becoming homeless for now. I do have a place to stay for temporary until I have everything set up before moving to my new home. It was insane how I end up running away from the bs back at my old community I once called home. There was too much violence, gossip and parties there. It was for the best that I leave the place before it got worse. 

The next day after I left I had......some trouble. Big trouble. Like, unnecessary drama that the police had to get involved in. So........I am still going through a lot of paperwork trying to haul ss to get a new place. I'm close to getting it but there is still a lot that needs to be done. 

I would tell more but a lot of it is confidential since this site is....very social. Lol
Right now I have to try manage time for Once Dead. Like, I hate it when I fail getting my work done...especially without putting up a good fight. In 9 Circles I haven't heard of an update yet so I have no idea what happen to it. Had my entry completed before the deadline. o__o;; And I hope the judges are not having too much trouble in life. 

Anyways, I should be heading off before I get kicked out of the building for using their internet. Wish me luck everyone. 


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How it's been for you~ And I miss talking to you in skype uhu y v y

woah Cameo just got a lot prettier
ScytheVale Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Omg! Hey!! XD *hugs*
I been pretty busy lately, trying to chill before I get run into the ground. LOL
Thanks! ;;;w;;; Bby is growing up!
MiyaDeos Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Pff- you and your puns ' 7 '
Well good luck with finishing all that work, even I'm being dragged my school account assigment why

Yes she's grown up and is so pretty now~ Btw in case you haven't noticed I revamped Ziel like idk completely :iconmingplz:
ScytheVale Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Awwwww, good luck in school! xD

>A> Yeah, I checked his ref and man, your boy is like a machine but I like how challenging/interesting its going to be role-playing
with you. Like, Ziel is going to be fun. XD
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Hisekii Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch :iconsobbplz:
ScytheVale Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Buahaha! You welcome! XD
Awwww, don't cry baby, it's not worth the tears! ;;w;;
Hisekii Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Shhhh its worth every drop
ScytheVale Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Okay. ;;A;; *hugs and pats your back* Bby, don't you cry.
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purin-it-knightly Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
thanks a bunch for lllama and keep up the great work! :la:
ScytheVale Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
You welcome!!! >W< Thanks! You too! 
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